Starting off with a clean slate.

I have been trying to revive my passion in writing for the last couple of months, at the time when there’s so much going on with my life. Sometimes, I would draft a sentence or two in my head, and completely forget about them after a while. I know I could have written them down if only I had my tickler—or at least a pen and paper—with me.

To be honest, I have always dreamed of having a website with my own domain; today, I made that happen. While I was looking for sites with free blogging, I came across in one of the top searches. Next thing I know, I have purchased this! I swear I couldn’t be any happier! I don’t know why, but it feels more personal when a website uses your own domain.

I guess this is now my avenue in writing again. I used to take into writing my happiness, my frustrations, or whatever comes to mind.

I should find time for more of this. It feels good to be writing again. Where has my hunger for words gone? Perhaps I need to explore the world, and feed my imagination.


Succeeding entries will be cross-posts from my former blog site(s). You may have read some of them, but they’re just some of my favorites, so I hope you won’t mind. :)

One thought on “Starting off with a clean slate.

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