Saturday Night Scrabble

This post actually refers to last Saturday’s activity, but it doesn’t matter because now it’s already the 4th of February at the time I’m writing this.

Last Saturday, Roi (my brother) and I challenged each other in a Word Mole mini-battle. It’s like Boggles where you build as many words you can out of the random letters in the grid under time-pressure. The youngest, Vanjo, thought of a better idea though: Scrabble Night with Mom and Dad!

I can’t remember the last time we had Scrabble and Boggles night, but this used to be our little family bonding session during Christmas or summer breaks from school. As a kid, I grew up with board games as such, including Chess, Snakes & Ladders, Battleship, and Games of the Generals. While other children my age get bored with these kind of games, I enjoyed them as much.

A couple of years ago, we would play Scrabbles all day ’til we get tired and decide to retire to bed. Last Saturday was no exception. And although we knew that my Dad would always win, nights like this have never been boring.

What’s your favorite board game? And when was the last time you played this with your family or friends?

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