[22 January 2012]

I could not think of any better title for this post than Banquet. Today literally revolved around a smörgåsbord of food and drinks. Earlier, we were invited to Sweet and Edong’s house warming in Laguna. Can I just say that I could not be more proud of these two? They have been together since college, and now they have invested on a house.

At Sweet & Edongs House Warming

According to Sweet, they bought the house at a very reasonable price because they no longer had to invest on the furniture—all have been included in the package. In fact, Mom thought it was a very good deal. The previous owner had to dispose this property immediately for the reason that they were moving abroad. The house may not be brand new, but hey, it’s theirs now. It makes me really happy of what my friends have accomplished in the few years since we all graduated. I firmly believe that this is just the beginning of a brighter future for each and everyone of us.

With Sweet, her little goddaughter, and Kye

Later that day, we headed down to Buffet 101 by the Bay Area (near SM Mall of Asia). Believe it or not, I kind of dreaded this day since I no longer consume as much food as before. A few months back I have religiously trained and cut down on food (the hardest was to give up as much rice I could!). It was a struggling effort to maintain this routine every day since I have always believed that getting fit = workout + proper diet. Fad diets are overrated. Okay, so much for my fitness ardor.

Although we have already confirmed our reservation a few days beforehand, we still arrived at the place a bit earlier. The restaurant usually opens at 1800H, thus the sight in the following photo:

(Photo taken by Kevin)

Camping out at Buffet 101

Mom and I

This gesture allows everyone to be seated in the order of their reservation confirmation. Luckily, we were one of the first people who got in because those who were called in before us have not arrived. As soon as we settled in our assigned table, we quickly moved around the buffet area to check on their menu that night.

Buffet 101

Buffet 101 | Dessert Section

Actually, Mom and Dad had seen the setup at Vikings which is at the other end of the Bay Area, but they were more impressed with the setup at Buffet 101, so they preferred the latter. Buffet 101 was comparably cheaper by only P50 than Vikings rate (note that rates differ during weekdays and weekends/holidays).

As mentioned in my earlier post, I’m drawn to Japanese food more than any other cuisine, so this is me [all smiles] checking out the sushi bar, of course!

Buffet 101 | Sushi Bar

Through the years, we had been trained on the strategies at buffet restaurants, so it didn’t take us a hard time on getting what suits our taste.

Buffet 101 | Sushi Overload

Buffet 101 | Sushi Overload v. 2.0

Buffet 101 | Japanese

Buffet 101 | Dessert

Buffet 101 | Desserts Overload

I wanted to play a joke on my family, so I compiled a list of Tips on Eating at a Buffet (from the internet, of course!), and sent it via email to each and every one. Who would have thought that my own prank backfired on me? After two platefuls of greens, I gave up. Hahaha! I could no longer finish all the sushi on my other plate, so someone else had to do it for me. The obvious [unfortunate] ones who were compelled to do so were Dad and my two brothers.

Aside from the fact that the following day was Chinese New Year, this day was a celebration of celebrations. It was a post-celebration of Dad’s re-employment and pre-celebration of my youngest brother’s 19th birthday.


I am grateful. :)

(All Buffet 101 photos taken by Kevin.)

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