Hungry for The Hunger Games

Okay, I know that’s a lame title for this post, but since I noticed that my Fridays had always turned out to be eventful, I kind of felt compelled to write a quick entry about today.

It was fun [as always] at work; time seems to pass more quickly on Fridays, doesn’t it? You know it always end up with a good laugh with good girl friends. ;)

Without further ado, I just want to say that I’m…

YES! After two days of putting off training (well, I had my period, leaving me with no other choice), I finally finished the book just when the movie adaptation premiered in local theaters! I seriously can’t wait to watch it on the big screen! And yes, that’s one perfect motivation right there. *slow clap*

In my opinion, story got better towards the end; however, I didn’t like how the first book ended, thus I’m starting with Catching Fire right away!

In other news, my parents are still at my brother’s Baccalaureate Mass in UST as I write this. I’m hungry—no, starving. What? I thought that was relevant. HeeHee.

One thought on “Hungry for The Hunger Games

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