Last Tuesday Night

[27 March 2012]

If you remember in my post last week, I mentioned that one of my closest friends, Rivka (Pardz), will be in town. Pardz and her hubby-to-be, Laviel, is here for a couple of days to meet with most of the suppliers for their upcoming wedding in September. With roughly six months until their Big Day, I can only imagine how excited [and not to mention, stressful] this can get for them! Regardless, I am glad they were able to squeeze us in their very tight schedule.

Yesterday was by far the most stressful (read: worst) month-end at work. Lucky I had Enya in the background who somehow helped calm my nerves. I intentionally clocked in a little more late than usual since my friends and I won’t meet until dinner. A terrible mix of impatience and excitement got the better of me, so as soon as my shift ended, I took off to SM Mall of Asia. I got there at half past five—way too early for my appointment—but I was fine because I had an eBook to read. When I thought I have read enough, I thought of strolling around to pass time. Guess what? My feet led me [yet again] to the Nike Outlet Store, to either indulge or punish myself by looking at a sea of running and training shoes. I do have a way on inflicting pain to myself, don’t I? After an hour of waiting, I gave in to the pangs of my legs, and looked for a bench to sit on.

I was already feeling cozy from sitting at a nearby bench while looking at people passing by when Angge called. She was supposed to wait for Kach, who’s expected to get off work at 1900H, but she couldn’t wait any longer and she thought I could use some company since I’ve been waiting for almost two hours already. To my relief, Sweet BBM’d me, letting me know that they’ll meet me in a few. Soon enough, we found ourselves hugging and kissing each other, totally putting Laviel out of place. Hahaha!

Before we even began asking where to dine, I have made it explicit to scratch Shakey’s off our choice of restaurants since Sweet and I have been feeding on the same salad and soup as our meal every single time we hang out. No exaggeration! Being the thorn among the roses, we made Laviel decide instead—to Gerry’s Grill, we went! It wasn’t a really a long walk to the bay area, but when we got there, the restaurant was packed! Although we were listed fifth from the reservation, we managed to take pictures while we wait. It’s a good thing Pardz brought her iPad with her; I was able to finally see their prenup pictures from last November at La Mesa Ecopark in Quezon City. Actually, this was first of their two prenup photoshoots since Pardz availed this discount voucher from Ensogo a few months back. In all fairness to NicePrint Photo, the photos were not edited, but they were great on their own!

About fifteen to twenty minutes later, we were called in. Pardz and Laviel took the liberty to choose our food—oh snap! I totally forgot to take pictures of what we had! This is just a clear indication that we talked nonstop, even in-between bites. Hahaha! We were half-way our meal when Kach and her fiancé, Sonny, arrived. Yet another episode of endless hugging and kissing! At least this time around, Laviel’s not alone. He has Sonny to exchange weird looks with. Hahaha!

Last night was beyond epic, I must say. We went from serious stuff to hilarious ones, then back again. I realized that I’m lucky to have two girl friends who are both getting married this year—I will learn a lot about what’s a good deal from not with regard to wedding suppliers. Since both of them are hands-on with the preparations for their respective Big Day, they may recommend really good suppliers by the time I begin organizing with mine.

Of course the night will not be complete without some hilarious antics: courtesy of Sweet’s infamous pick-up lines, Angge’s fail love interest, and Kach’s naïvete. Looked like the boys had fun with all the craziness, too! It was a quick encounter with the soon-to-be’s, but definitely worth the effort to meet up on a weekday night. Ah, we’re so excited for the Perez–Dela Cruz nuptials!


Too bad Mafi and Onat didn’t make it tonight; only to find out it’s Pardz’ fault they were missing in action. Apparently, she told Mafi we’d meet up on Thursday! What is a fail? Hahaha!

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