Keeping It Classy

[31 March 2012]

Two days prior to my brother’s graduation, I asked suggestions from friends on Twitter where we could go for dinner. Three of the things to consider were the following:

  1. Proximity from UST.
  2. Business hours.
  3. Parking space.

Points 1 and 2 were the primary things taken in consideration because ceremony won’t start until 1500H. In my recollection,  my graduation concluded between 1930H to 2000H, just in time for our dinner reservation at Emerald. Of course, security and parking space should also be taken into account given that the program will end about the same time as mine.

A few of the restaurants I have researched for are Lolo Dad’s Cafe, El Cirkulo, and Tao Yuan. I gathered all contact details and emailed them to Mom and Dad, something to discuss about when I come home from work. A former classmate and good friend from St. Scholastica’s College, C.A., who now happens to be a law student in San Beda College in Manila, recommended this restaurant, Casa Roces, in Malacañan. I immediately looked it up on Google, and I knew I found the one. Here’s a short background on the place, found on their website:

Casa Roces is a full-service restaurant and café located in the genteel district of San Miguel, Manila, right across the most prestigious address in the country: Malacañan Palace. Drawing inspiration from the Roces family’s long line of freedom-fighters, pioneer journalists and artists, the quaint ancestral home has been reborn into a stylish restaurant best described as classic-meets-contemporary.

So we were right about the presentation ending late—in fact, more late than we had expected. We had placed a 2000H reservation at Casa Roces, and the affairs concluded almost 2100H. As we make our way to Malacañan, we had been calling their hotline to re-affirm our reservation, but we couldn’t get through either lines provided. We were about to give up when someone picked up on the other end of the line. Thank God! The thought of waiting for another hour while we try our luck somewhere else was just beyond depressing.

It was a 3-km drive from UST, and it’s open until 2300H (accepting last orders until 2200H). Since the restaurant is within the vicinity of Malacañan, the area was under tight security practice, thus satisfying all three conditions that were thought about early on. We were welcomed at a receiving area, much like the ones in ancestral houses in the province. Large picture frames, a sala set, and a piano graced this part of the house-turned-restaurant. It was really interesting that not two dining sets are alike. The place itself has a classy vibe, perfect for an intimate date or a formal family dinner. Seated in one corner is the pastry stall with a variety of sweets exclusively distributed for the restaurant. In another stands the wine bar for those who wants to talk over a glass of wine or a flute of champagne.

Casa Roces | Receiving Area

Given that we the last meal we had was almost 12 hours ago, we quickly ordered the following:

Casa Roces | Crispy Lengua Caesar Salad

Casa Roces | Sopa Molo Castiliana

Casa Roces | Fettuccine with Bleu Cheese and Roasted Mushrooms

Casa Roces | Grilled Pork Ribs

Casa Roces | Lengua in Mushroom-Cognac Sauce

Casa Roces | Bouillabaise De La Casa Roces

Either we’re just famished or the food’s really delicious that we were not talking that much during dinner. I’d say it’s the latter! These may look expensive in pictures, but to be honest, the price of each were pretty reasonable. In fact, we were surprised when we got our bill! Shall we go back here? That’s a definite! Mom even recommended that I bring Miggy next time.

So before we went home, we had our pictures taken at their wine bar:

Casa Roces, Malacañan

Of course I wouldn’t miss getting my fingers play on this beautiful piece of furniture:

Casa Roces | Beaming at My First Love

Playing “Moon River”

Playing “From Both Sides Now”

P.S. Did you know that President NoyNoy Aquino  takes his breakfast in this restaurant in most days? :)

Special thanks to Jan for lending us her camera and Kevin for taking these pictures.

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