Note to Self: Make Time.

I have a sudden realization that in a week’s time, it will be June—half-way through 2012. Insert panic here. Why so, if you may ask? Well, I do not really intend to divulge any concrete details about my Big Day yet, but because of this awareness, I had to make a quick mental note on the things to do in the coming weeks. Time. I have to make time. There is always time for everything. Oh. My. Goodness. I guess my skills in multitasking and time management will be tested in the actual preparation for my wedding.

A few days ago, I was just talking to a close friend about her upcoming wedding in September. When I asked how Pardz is feeling about it, she said she wanted to become hysterical, but tries to remain calm because there’s still a handful to accomplish. To be honest, even with an event coordinator to assist her with the preparations, I still cannot fathom how she managed to get her hands on with the development being miles away from home!

Another friend of mine who is tying the knot in November just had their pamamanhikan last Saturday. Pamamanhikan (derived from the word, panik, which means to ascend or to climb a house’s flight of stairs) is a Filipino custom where the would-be groom formally asks permission to wed the affianced pair. The would-be groom is expected to speak to the parents about his intentions, and his parents must call on the bride’s parents to gain their approval. Arrangements for the wedding are discussed during this ritual. In addition to this, the would-be groom and his parents bring some pasalubong (gifts) as dowry or offering. This custom has been passed on from generation to generation to symbolize honor and respect for the parents. According to Lai, their next task is to complete the requirements to be submitted to the parish where they are getting married. This is usually done a couple of months before their actual wedding day because there are some documents that have a certain period of validity.

I cannot really say that I have a busy schedule. By busy, I mean an 8-hour day job and about 1- to 2-hours workout afterwards. Perhaps I can squeeze in a few hours before bedtime to go through with the checklist or compromise a few hours of sleep on weekends to allot in researching for inspirations and potential suppliers. Of course I would love my hubby-to-take part in the planning, so he has to make time for me, too. Sacrifice.

I know this is going to be exciting, frustrating, and stressful all at the same time, but I need to keep in mind what my Mom said, “Learn to savor every single part of your wedding preparations. When you get there, you will realize what I am trying to say.” Oh, Lord, please send forth your guardian angels to help us discern better judgments and to keep us from any form of unnecessary stress. So help me God.


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