A Week That Has Been

Lately, I’ve been occupied with reading eBook after eBook that it didn’t occur to me how much pages I’ve read. I never had an issue with reading; in fact, I got exposed to this hobby when I was in sixth grade. A close friend of mine, Abby, had influenced me into reading and writing poems which I will forever be grateful for because that was when I found out that my interests leaned toward the arts and literature.

The past few weeks were no exception. I may have read a dozen books from young adult fiction to romance. It’s like a disease that I couldn’t cease. I’ve noticed that reading has actually calmed my nerves. I was less irritable around people, plus it’s kept me from going to the mall and resolve to impulsive shopping. Hehehe. I’m okay sitting in a corner by myself and indulge in whatever I’m currently reading, but it’s also kept me up late on most weeknights, thus resulting to messed-up sleeping patterns.

Last week I’ve read a series—the Perfect Chemistry series by Simone Elkeles. It’s a trilogy about the life of the Fuentes brothers and how they managed to stay out of trouble despite the pressure that came with their Mexican heritage. The first book, Perfect Chemistry, is about the classic story of star-crossed lovers, Alex and Brittany, and how they ended up together despite their effort to stay away from each other. They practically loathed each other, even taking on bets not knowing that they will end up falling for each other.

I found the second installment, Rules of Attraction, more interesting than the first book perhaps because of the main characters, Carlos and Kiara. Carlos had always referred himself as the tough guy, believing at one point that he’s born to be the black sheep in the family. He kept making a fool of himself until he met Kiara who became the reason of his undoing. As ever, I kind of felt this story close to mine in real life.

The third and the last book from the series is Chain Reaction. The story focused on the youngest of the Fuentes household, Luis, who believed that he was the golden child since to his family, he did not possess the menace of his older brothers. That’s until he learned the grueling truth about his identity. He came to a point of giving up until Nikki came along. She had so much faith in Luis that she was willing to prove it to him to her last breath.

After reading this series, I thought I’d take a breather from this kind of genre. Since a colleague from work showed me the movie trailer of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, I decided to read the book all over again. In case you’re wondering, here it is:

The Perks of Being a Wallflower | Official Movie Trailer

I got the paperback version of the book from Miggy when he came home in October last year. I personally asked for it since I’d been curious about the critically acclaimed novel by Stephen Chbosky. Well, how the book was written was rather peculiar and it was okay, but I hope the movie adaptation does justice to this since Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson), Emma Watson (Harry Potter series), and Ezra Miller are playing the characters of Charlie, Sam, and Patrick, respectively.

I’m on another book right now… I hope to finish it tonight and write about it in a separate entry. Have you noticed that this is déjà vu? ;)


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