Take it Easy

I’m on a roll, baby! I think I finish reading a book in one and half days, average. While there are short reads that one can wrap up in a few hours, this is something epic for me since I have an 8-hour day job to attend to every day. To find time to get on with my reading is really an achievement on my end.

Anyway, last night I finished the book Easy by Tammara Webber. I started reading this on Friday night, and I found this book “unputdownable”. If there’s even such a word.

Jacqueline and Kennedy were like the golden couple. Since they got together, they were inseparable. She thought nothing will ever come between them, and what they have will last forever. Until Kennedy dumped her. She even gave up her chance to study in a university where she can make the most of her passion in music to be with his then boyfriend in the same campus. That must be the dumbest decision she has ever made in her life.

Jacqueline was enrolled to Macroeconomics with Kennedy. They were even seatmates in that class. Since their break-up, she avoided all possibilities of running into his ex-boyfriend, thus she skipped school for two weeks, missing her midterms in the said course. If Kennedy had dumped her earlier in the semester, she would have dropped the subject, but it’s too late. Now that she’s worked up the guts to face the inevitable, she had to make up for the missed lessons and exams. She got lucky that her professor, Dr. Heller, was considerate enough to give him another chance. He recommended her to a tutoring session with Mr. Landon Maxfield and required her to submit a special project in place of her missed midterms.

Since the break-up, she had become her roommate’s shadow in parties. Erin talk her out into coming at a Halloween party. She was stone-cold sober as she was not allowed to get intoxicated being the designated driver that night. It was getting late and she was getting bored, so she thought of leaving early; however, on her way to her truck, she got assaulted by Buck, her roommate’s boyfriend’s best friend. The moron almost would have raped her right then there at the parking lot if not for this guy who showed up from nowhere like a dark angel. The mysterious guy beat the shit out of Buck that he could not even straighten up to fight back. Trembling from the aftermath of a traumatic incident, her knight-in-shining-armor insisted to take her back to her dorm. She didn’t even know him, but she felt safe despite his physical features—dark hair, gray-blue eyes, a thin ring in his lower lip. Reading these descriptions made me imagine an emo-looking guy, really.

Turned out her hero was also in her Macroeconomics class and she oftentimes caught him staring at her. It was kind of creepy, but also interesting in a weird way. Jacqueline never imagined herself with anyone else except Kennedy, but she later found herself crushing on this guy named Lucas whom she owes her life.

Her tutorial sessions, however, only takes place via email since Mr. Maxfield and her schedules won’t match. Jacqueline found herself flirting with her tutor, thus she’s torn between Landon and Lucas.

I could tell you the entire synopsis in this post, but that would be…I don’t know how to even call it. I would compare this book to Beautiful Disaster by Jamie MacGuire, but I think Lucas was not as twisted as Travis. Well, I find Lucas’ stalker-ish personality sweet in so many ways. How he had watch Jacqueline during class, even sketched her without her even knowing. Lucas may have loved Jacqueline from the first time he met her; only she was committed to Kennedy then.

So, anyway… I really liked this book for the reason that it was a cross between YA and romance novels I’ve read. Perhaps one of those books I won’t mind reading again in the future, too. ;)


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