Tuesday, 07 August 2012

I woke up at an ungodly hour this morning to take a piss when I noticed that tricycles passing by our house were blowing their horns. I didn’t have an alarm clock by my bedside table nor a working wall clock, so I didn’t know the exact time. As I check the time in my phone, I looked outside my window, and suddenly at 0416H, I was wide awake. It’s been raining all night, and it hasn’t ceased, thus the water in our street was already gutter-deep. I immediately went downstairs to my parents’ room to wake them up. I knocked, and Mom answered the door. When I told her it’s already flooded in our street, she began to freak out. Dad was up the minute he heard this, and so did my brothers.

The first time we felt this sudden fear was in November 2000 when due to the strong typhoon, the wall beside a creek at a nearby city fell down. As a result, the water overflowed to neighboring villages almost as fast as it subsided. Flood water crept inside our house about 3-feet high. It was the eve of my 14th birthday. Almost the same thing happened again in 2009 when Typhoon Ondoy plagued the country. It was one of those severe tropical storm that brought most cities in Manila to heightened warning. Again, flood water crawled inside the house, but only about 1- to 2-inches high.

Today, although water didn’t go in, we were vigilant. Dad and my youngest brother took our cars to park them at McDonald’s just in case the water continues to rise. On the other hand, Mom, my other brother, and I took everything valuable upstairs in our rooms or in the roof deck. About an hour later, the water began to level off. THANK GOD! It hasn’t stopped raining, but we remained on the lookout because we could never know.

We were watching the news on TV while having breakfast, and at 0600H, it was a very heartbreaking thing to see. From rescuing trapped families in their homes to stranded motorists in the highway. It was devastating. The rain hasn’t let up to think that it’s only an effect of a southwest monsoon. One can only imagine how much more if it had been an official typhoon.

Here are a few amateur photos taken by concerned citizens via social media networking sites: Rains bring floods to NCR, provinces | Yahoo! News Philippines.

I pray that this very bad weather lets up because the entire country can only take so much.

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