Hitting Two Birds with One Stone

Like most brides-to-be, a bridal shower is usually thrown by friends who are [or may not be] part of the entourage. In Pardz’ (Rivka’s) case, her colleagues at work and friends from high school had overwhelmed her with bridal showers on two different occasions. Being friends of Rivka from college, we ought to arrange another one for her when she arrives in Manila, a month before her Big Day. One of her bridesmaids, Sweet, happens to be the most proactive when it comes to party-plannings like this. She took the initiative in organizing Pardz’ bridal shower. Unfortunately, all of us are pretty much tied up with our day jobs, so we didn’t have enough time to prepare for a decent bridal shower party. In addition to that, we had to ensure that all are flexible to a specific time and day in order to squeeze in to Pardz’s very hectic schedule. Given the above-mentioned circumstances, we resolved to a get-together with a slightly different approach, thus we had a bridal dinner.

About two weeks ago, Sweet had been sending text and BBM messages to brief us with the details. They are as follows:

  1. Wear a dress.
  2. Get all dolled up. [trans. Wear make-up.]
  3. Have your hair curled to match Rivka’s locks.
  4. Get Rivka gifts that will blow her mind. Be creative and imaginative!

Upon knowing these, I immediately thought to myself:

  1. Oh, for heaven’s sake, it’s Friday! We’re supposed to be in shirts and jeans on Fridays, now I have to dress up when everyone else is dressed down!
  2. Well, I used to wear make-up at work, but that was a long time ago. Now I don’t mind looking as pale as a ghost at work.
  3. Another used to, but my hair has grown longer than before, and curling it means I have to be up three hours to get it done.

If Pardz had not been one of my best girl friends, I wouldn’t really exert much effort, but she is and she deserves this, so we’ll give it to her.

We didn’t have trouble in choosing the venue because UCC Café in Glorietta 3, Makati has got to be our official meeting place since we had our first dinner gathering in June. The food is great, the ambiance is nice, and those are just about what we need. Like the last time, Anj had our reservation placed at 7:30PM since most of us will be coming from work. I got there first; about an hour prior to our meeting time. It was raining, and traffic was terrible from all sides of the metro because for one, it’s Friday; second, it’s rush hour; and third, everyone’s anticipating for another long weekend. With these, I had the impression that everyone will be late.

A table for eight has been readied when I arrived about an hour before our reservation time. While waiting, I had the opportunity to ensure that I look presentable. I had myself situated at the corner of the cushioned seat where I can place all my stuff without having to worry about leaving them unattended. Since I know they are running late, I took advantage of the opportunity to catch up with my reading in order to pass the time. Sweet got in next, then Pardz followed suit. A few minutes later, Kach arrived with Sonny only to drop her off. We were already engaged in a conversation when Anj set foot in the café. It was already past eight o’clock when Mafi showed up, just when we decided to order dinner.

Our exchange of thoughts on random topics went on as we eat, and when we had consumed our meals, we began with our little tribute to Pardz. Let the pictures below do the talking:

Sweets first gift was a pair of sexy lingerie.

If this had been a battle of who had the “best-wrapped gift”, Sweet would have won. Isn’t that a lovely ribbon? Pardz even made it a make-shift headpiece! What a fashion statement you got there, Pardz! Hahaha!

I gave her two pairs of sexy undies in colors I like best.

I felt bad for my gifts wrapped in a mini-bayong!

Mafi got her a baby pink T-back and an oral sex candy. Things are beginning to get more kinky!

Mafi, did you even realize that what you lacked in the presentation of your gift you gained in that treat? I knew you had it in you. Hahaha! Just kidding!

Anj gave Pardz a tube of lubricant while Sweet gave her edible undies as her second gift!

So, Anj, how was it? I mean, how was it inside an adult shop with all these paraphernalias? What else can get more kinky than edible undies, Sweet? Oh, I don’t want to know! face palms

The best part was when Kach had to give a candle shaped like a mans genital!

This has got to be the crème de la crème of all gifts! With it coming from Kach, it was even more hilarious! Can’t you tell by the look on their faces?

This was my first time to be in a bridal shower with all these adult stuff, and it was so much fun to laugh the craziness off with good friends. Actually, we had to contain ourselves at some point because we were so loud we almost forgot we’re in a coffee shop! (We could have been thrown out of the establishment. Que horror!)

When we finally settled down, I took it as my cue for my little surprise for the girls. I handed my “Will You Be My…?” cards out to each of the girls. Although I’ve already told them since our engagement that they’re going to be members of my bridal entourage, I thought of making these as their souvenirs. Relieved that they found it sweet and thoughtful! You can find more on this here.

Subsequently, Pardz distributed her DIY wedding invitations, too! Those doilies are lovely!

Before we head home, the Mafi’s and Sweet’s respective boyfriends arrived to take them home. What better way to end the night with these people?

College friends sans yours truly

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