Hairstyle Pegs

As you well know, my good friend’s wedding is in a week’s time. I was invited to be part of her bridal entourage (Secondary Sponsor–Candle), so about month ago, I had my measurements taken by a couturier, Manang Ela, recommended by our neighbor. She used to be one of Pitoy Moreno‘s dressmakers back in the days. A week later, after purchasing all the materials needed for my dress, she started working on it. Since she had assumed the length of my dress only by making me stand on tiptoes, I had to get myself a decent pair of dress shoes for the occasion. I gave her a month deadline, two weeks before Pardz’ wedding, to give room for any further alterations.

Initially, my dress was supposed to be a haltered one (designed by Pardz’ couturier); however, I saw this venus-cut, floor-length style online which appealed more to my taste and my mother’s.

This design was not really followed to the details in my actual dress in order to conform with the church’s strict requirements, but the dressmaker nailed the fit and length which makes it a consolation. With my dress for her wedding having been delivered last Saturday, now I have to find a hairstyle inspiration to complete the look.

Here are a few of the hairstyles I saw online when I entered “hairstyles for venus-cut dress” on the search engine (photos taken from Google Images):

For an updo, I prefer the third photo—tousled with a slight pouf touch. I try to avoid tight hairstyles because I have a prominent forehead, thus I don’t feel comfortable with such. On the other hand, I find Dianna Agron’s (portrayed Quinn Fabray in Glee) hairstyle more age-appropriate. It’s simple, yet elegant.

Which do you think works best for me?

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