Going Korean

Don’t you just love to sleep in the next morning, coming home late from an all-day affair? *cue Maroon5’s Never Gonna Leave This Bed here* It was almost lunch time when I finally convinced myself to get out of bed. Downstairs, Mom and Dad were already having their late breakfast. As I expected, they still had a hangover from my friends’ wedding that we went to on Saturday. I had the impression that they already discussed  on a lot of ideas for my wedding. Suddenly, I felt like we are falling behind our wedding preparations!

My brother, Roi, on the other hand, went to UST early morning for a dry run of their upcoming board examinations. He won’t be home until six, so the rest of us decided to go to the mall that afternoon. After hearing the 5:30PM mass at St. Jerome (church near Alabang Town Center), I figured I’d treat my family to dinner. Dad called Roi to inform him of our spontaneous family dinner date. While we wait for him to arrive, we headed to the mall to look for a new restaurant we could try out.

Dining out has got to be my family’s ultimate past-time. My parents had us exposed to different cuisines at an early age, thus we eat almost anything. Add to that the fact that my Mom is an awesome cook, too! Family and friends who have tried Mom’s specialties sure can attest to that! Three of the most common dishes we prefer are Japanese, Vietnamese, and Italian. They are so common that we can recommend which restaurants serve these dishes best. Incidentally, there were quite a number of new establishments that opened in ATC,  so we had more options to choose from.

Just across John and Yoko from the New Wing is Bulgogi Brothers. We noticed that since they opened in ATC, the restaurant has always been packed, thus we put it in our to-try-next-time list. Bulgogi (불고기) literally means “fire meat” in Korean. It refers to cooked marinated meat, applied old traditional grilling techniques using gridirons or perforated dome griddles that sit on braziers, unlike deep frying or boiling in water. Since Korean was not in our most preferred list, we all agreed to try it out. If there’s one person who’s more knowledgeable on food, that would be my mother, so she took the liberty in choosing from the menu.

Here are photos (excuse the poor quality; taken from a phone camera) of our Korean dinner:

Above: Spinach Salad, Corn, Quail Eggs, Sweet Potatoes;
Below: Kimchi, Kangkong Salad, Sauteed Eggplants

Okay, to be honest, we were surprised that we were served spinach salad, corn, quail eggs, sweet potatoes, kimchi, kangkong salad, and sauteed eggplants for starters. And while you’re at it, they’re complimentary! We were joking that if you’re on a tight budget, all you have to order are drinks, and you’re good. Like in most Japanese restaurants we go to, we asked if they’re serving house tea. Incidentally, they’re “Tea of the Day” was Barley Tea. We’re familiar with its taste because my mother’s sister, Tita Marie, brought some home in March. Anyway, Mom’s a big fan of everything health-related and kitchen cutlery are no exception. She was ecstatic because Bulgogi Brothers had ceramic plates, metal chopsticks, and stainless steel pitchers used for the tea and cold water.

Moving on, here are photos of what we had for main course:

In all fairness to Mom, she must have picked the best dishes from the menu. Each one of them were a hit! There’s not one dish I’d choose over another! Watching my family enjoy their food made me appreciate the occasion even more. Speaking of occasion, this was my belated treat for Mom’s and Roi’s birthday. They’ve been nudging me on this for weeks! Hahaha! I asked our designated server, Jen, if they have anything complimentary for birthday celebrants. We got Seaweed Soup on-the-house! The staff even sang Happy Birthday to them in Korean! :)

Just when we thought we’ve had enough for the night, Jen offered a basket of ice cream for dessert! Korean Ice Cream! I actually considered taking them to Mochiko afterwards, but we really didn’t have to. It was one awesome Korean experience. We left with full tummies and happy hearts. Shall we go for another trip in the future? MOST DEFINITELY!


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