WordPress, My New Home

For some of you who did not know, I started blogging with my custom domain, gorjaeous.com, since February 2012. At that time, I had my blog hosted at Blog.com, where I also purchased the said custom domain. Most of my friends whose blogs I follow are WordPress users, thus a few weeks ago, I decided to map my custom domain to my existing WordPress blog, gorjaeous.wordpress.com.

English: WordPress Logo

English: WordPress Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being the not-so-techy person that I am, I tried to make the necessary changes on my own, with little help from another friend of mine who understands more of this web-developing than I do. It appeared simple to me, but since I wasn’t that familiar with most of the terms, there had been slight delays and errors from my end.

The entire transfer process took me about ten working days in total because I had to resubmit my request again due to the errors I had committed early on. I had been busy all week with wedding-related planning, so this domain mapping completely slipped my mind until I got this email from Namecheap.com:

Lo and behold, transfer has been completed! I got really excited that I immediately changed my name servers (DNS) to reflect that of WordPress’. I know it may take up to 72 hours for all changes to work, but I was even happier to realize this morning that gorjaeous.com is now up and running in WordPress!

If you wish to register your custom domain or map your existing domain to another host, I highly recommend Namecheap.com. They have affordable rates, and their customer service is awesome! :)

This is not a sponsored post nor am I, in any way, affiliated to the above-mentioned companies.

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