Sing Me a Song


For a kid who grew up listening to music perhaps 80% of the time, this should be a no-brainer; however, I am required to write about my favorite song. Singular. Now this is where the challenge lies because I could come up with one too many favorite songs in my head right now! Since there isn’t any explicit rules on this one, I made a list of my favorite songs (Nica did this, too!) depending on a certain situation:

  • Try by Nelly Furtado

This song is from Nelly Furtado’s second album, Folklore, but I knew about this from the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack. There was a time when I got so hooked on the Fifty Shades series, that I even listened to the songs mentioned in the book at work.

The first time I heard this song, I knew I had to add it to my music playlist. I particularly loved it for its melody that after a week of listening, I knew its  lyrics by heart. There were days when I’d pick up my guitar and play this song.

  • Where Have You Been by Rihanna

If I was the type who dances all night, this would have been my absolute party music, but I don’t, so I had this added to my workout playlist instead. This song just makes my adrenaline pump up to immense level while running.

  • Champagne Supernova/Wonderwall by Oasis

Oh, my goodness. For some weird reason, my heart skips a beat whenever I hear these songs by Oasis. These two bring me back to a certain time when things weren’t as complicated as they are now. These songs remind me so much of my not-so-distant youth because I’m a 90s baby!

  • Alice by Avril Lavigne

I first heard this song from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. I noticed that I like listening to this whenever I’m alone in my room, thinking or just allowing myself to get lost in a trance.

  • Bed of Roses by Bon Jovi

This has got to be my ultimate KTV song. I never fail to sing this at parties, regardless whose celebration we are in (unless, of course, I know no one from the crowd). There was a time, in one of our family Christmas parties, my aunt challenged everyone to sing their best piece, and whoever got the highest score would win the biggest price. I need not browse through the songbook because I knew this would make me win. Hahaha! Lo and behold, I got the highest score and took home a whopping $20 as a reward!

Unsolicited Piece of Advice: It’s all about timing and volume, you know. Hahaha! ;)

I guess that’s just about it. Don’t you think I have an eccentric taste for music? It would help to understand this if you’d take time to listen to these songs, too. You know, I would have kept going, but I figured I need to start working on my next entry to this challenge soon. ;)

8 thoughts on “Sing Me a Song

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  3. Congrats on your first post. I love Try and Wonderwall, too but since I have my own in categories, they didn’t make it to the top. They are nominees though.



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