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Again, another topic I find difficult to deliberate about, but unlike my first entry to this challenge, I’d like to stick to the rule by choosing only one movie from my all-time favorites. I do not remember when or where I first saw the City of Angels, but I know I loved it then. I loved it so much, I won’t mind watching it over and over again. When I do, it always feels like I’m seeing it for the first time.

Film poster for City of Angels - Copyright 199...

Film poster for City of Angels – Copyright 1998,Warner Bros. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss from her mouth, one touch of her hand, than eternity without it. One.

—Seth, City of Angels (1998)

I chose the City of Angels among others because it made me believe that angels do exist. The angels in the movie, however, did not come in fancy halo and angel wings. They look just like any other human being, only the people can feel their presence, but cannot see them. Nicolas Cage’s character, Seth, plays an angel who fell in love with a mortal, Dr. Maggie Rice, played by Meg Ryan. He was like the Messenger of God whose sole purpose was to take dying people to paradise when it’s their time.

In the movie, angels weren’t supposed to be seen, but to Seth’s surprise, Maggie did. Maggie had been seeing him around the halls of the hospital where she’s working, and one night, she walked right up to him to ask what he was doing in the vicinity at an ungodly hour. This encounter eventually gave Seth the hope of being able to feel of animate being apart from the sense of sight.

Maggie: Are you a visitor?
Seth: Yes.
Maggie: Well, visiting hours have been over since 8.
Seth: Wh-Why do they have that?
Maggie: What?
Seth: Hours. Doesn’t it help the patient to be visited?
Maggie: Well, who are you visiting? Mr. Messinger?
Seth: Right now?
Maggie: Yeah.
Seth: You.

—City of Angels (1998)

Denniz Franz’ character, Nathaniel Messinger, one of Maggie’s patients, knew so much about Seth. In one of their conversations, he told Seth that he was once an angel who chose to fall on Earth and became human. Seth, who was already falling in love with Maggie, thought this was a brilliant idea. That finally, he will be able to do the things humans do, and that he can be with Maggie for the rest of their lives. Well, that’s what he thought.

Nathaniel: Listen, kid: He gave these bozos the greatest gift in the universe – you think He didn’t give it to us, too?
Seth: Which gift?
Nathaniel: Free will, brother. Free will.

—City of Angels (1998)

On the day of his transformation, when he literally allowed himself fall from the top of a building, something unfortunate happened to Maggie. When she found out about Seth becoming human, she thought she’d make them a good meal the next day. On her way back from the grocery, she got into a tragic accident which cost her her life. This was most devastating for Seth, who only got to enjoy her company (as human being) for one day.

My idea of a favorite movie would fall into the category of tragedies. Not that I take pleasure on the grievances of other people, but I find this kind of story more personal that I always end up in tears towards the end. I do watch other types of movies, even those action-packed ones, but this film just gets me every time.

Have you seen this movie yet? I suggest you do. Just have a box of Kleenex ready by your side. ;)

4 thoughts on “Los Angeles

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  3. When I saw the photo in this blog entry, I knew I have to skip it. I’ll prolly watch this movie this weekend if I have time. I love Goo goo doll’s Iris! :p



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