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According to my Goodreads profile, I have read 66 books since God-knows-when and that I have 93 more to add to my list. Also, it says there that I’m currently reading Mitch Albom’s Have a Little Faith: The Story of Last Request. Well, that’s exactly a month ago today. I have stopped reading, yet again, due to my friend’s wedding, a few supplier meetings with my own, and then there’s my day job. With all these, I really had my hands full in September.

I will share with you today three of the latest books I have read in the past couple of months which I found not only interesting, but inspiring just the same. Here they are in no particular order:

For others who have read this novel, I bet they cried buckets, too. Just like my preference in my favorite movie, this one’s also a tragedy. I have added this to my list of good, heavy reads. This book tackles a different approach towards death, extraordinary love and friendship. I have a separate entry on this book which I posted in July.

One cannot put a good book down. This cliché applies to this novel which I finished in less than two days. I grew up very much family-oriented, so reading a book like this one makes me value the family I have been given. For One More Day is a story about Chick Benetto, a former baseball star, who tried to kill himself when he lost everything he once had—fame, wealth, and his own family. The death of his mother made his depression even worse. Chick’s mother died when he least expected it, and he regretted that he wasn’t around when it happened. He chose baseball (and his father who left them) over his mother. It came to a point that he was so desperate to take his life, but it just won’t happen.

Chick was given another day to spend with his dead mother, only she was very much alive to his vision. It was confusing for him at the beginning, but the opportunity to spend another day with his mother was a blessing. It was as if he were given the chance to tell her mother what he’d been wanting to do so since her passing. He was able to ask for her forgiveness, and at the same time, her mother revealed to him a very important truth about his father.

Having read this book made me appreciate my mother more, thus I took it as an inspiration in writing my message for her 50th birthday last month.

Yes, another Mitch Albom novel. I’d say the title of this book really made me think of the people I’d meet in heaven when I die. Each person mentioned in the book had a corresponding lesson which Eddie needed to learn:

  1. That all life is connected.
  2. The importance of sacrifice.
  3. Forgiveness.
  4. The value of love.
  5. That life wasn’t for nothing; its purpose was to protect children.

I thought this book opened and changed my perception on the fear of the unknown. The above-mentioned values were discussed by Mitch Albom the best way possible in a form of creative writing. I don’t normally read books again once I’ve finished them, but I could do so with these three books that are packed with so many inspirational lessons to learn from.

I highly recommend that you read these books when you get the chance. I am certain you will change the way you look at life in general.

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