If Only I Could Turn Back Time


Christmas spirit in the Philippines comes earl...

Christmas spirit in the Philippines comes early. As soon as the “ber” months start (September to December), Christmas songs fill the air. And for a place known for gorgeous Christmas lanterns, Tarlac province comes alive as it offers commuters a view of varying shapes, sizes, and colors of parol or Christmas lanterns. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nothing compares to spending Christmas in the Philippines. That’s what most of our relatives and friends say if you ask how they celebrate the holiday season abroad. Well, I can’t bear testimony to that since I haven’t been out of the country during this season, but I think I know why these people think so.

In the Philippines, the moment the day hits September, everyone is already in shopping mode because every weekend will be a sale weekend until the holiday season ends. You will notice that Christmas decorations have been set up in most malls. The holiday season in the country is full of festivities. When I say festivities, I mean a lot of social gatherings in the whole month of December. Expect to be invited to class reunions, company Christmas parties, and your very own family get-together with relatives from all parts of the world.

I grew up closer with my cousins from my father’s side than with my Mom’s. Every weekend, we would go to my grandfather’s house (Tatay Inong‘s) in Cubao to spend time with our relatives. It was also a family tradition to celebrate Christmas Day in the same house. There was a time, I was only nine then, that my cousins and I put on a show for our families. We showcased our hidden talents in both song and dance numbers, and channeled our inner actor/actresses in a reenactment of the Nativity scene.

Tatay Inong with Grandchildren
Christmas 2007

Family Picture
Christmas 2007

If there’s one moment I wish I could relive, it would be that Christmas in 2007. It was the first time in a very long time that everyone got together again for Christmas. When the family of Dad’s elder sister moved to Canada, our reunions like this eventually rolled back. Suddenly, everyone had many irons in the fire. I miss being around my cousins, who are all grown-up now. I miss laughing with them over home-cooked meals prepared by Dad’s youngest sister. I guess I simply miss what used to be.

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