Five Things


My brothers and I were raised not to dwell on material things. Christian values were instilled in our minds at an early age. It’s like we were programmed to become God-fearing and God-loving individuals for the rest of our lives. When I checked the topic for today’s challenge, I thought that I could sum up all five things to only God, my family, and friends; however, for the sake of argument, I will stick to five tangible things I could not possibly live without:

  • 1. WATER

By water, I mean two things: first, that which one needs to sustain life; and second, the body of water surrounding a beautiful island.

I need not explain further the need for water to live. I would like to emphasize, however, that I could live with no electricity for as long as there is water I could use to shower with. Occasional power outage throughout the city is common in the country. Most of the time, the weather in the Philippines is humid, so no power would mean lack in ventilation. This will leave you feeling icky, thus you will need water to freshen up.

  • 2. FRUITS

In the absence of a miscellany of food, I would settle for fruits. I know I will survive even if I feed on fruits (and water) alone. I chose fruits over vegetables because they can be eaten raw, while the latter will more likely need cooking.

  • 3. BOOKS

If I find water and fruits necessities to sustain life, I need books to feed the soul. I know you don’t learn everything from the books you read, but I believe that what you get from them can contribute to how you perceive life in general.

  • 4. PEN & PAPER

Way before the birth of blogging, people would take their thoughts into account using pen and paper. I used to keep a diary where I recount my activities for the day in writing. It is good to maintain a website or a blog site like this, but nothing compares to going back to basics.

  • 5. CLOTHES

I don’t think I could live without clothes. My clothes don’t have to be fancy and fashionable; basic everyday pieces of clothing will suffice. Oh, and please don’t forget that I need a jacket above all because I easily get cold!

Today’s challenge literally gave a headache. It only goes to show that the best things in life are free.

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