Pure Shores


Before anything else, I just would like to say that this is a very timely post. As I’ve mentioned in my post on Day 8’s challenge, we were undermined by an adversity for a year, thus we had to cut back on unnecessary expenses, and one of which was taking a vacation someplace far from the city. My kind of vacation would mean lounging in the beach half-naked, watching the waves crash on the island’s cove.

I know there are a lot of beautiful beaches in the world, and Google can come up with an endless list,  but there is one place I dream of visiting someday. I would like to set my foot on the beautiful island of Barbados. Barba–what? Where on Earth is that place?

Barbados is an island nation located in the Caribbean. It is the easternmost island in the Caribbean, and is completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, but not touched by the Caribbean Sea at all! The pictures are too good to be true, aren’t they? Perhaps you would never want to go back! Oh, I’d love to spend a holiday someday…

A little too far-fetched, eh? Okay, let me share with you a local place I’ve always wanted to go to.  I’ve been hearing about this place because it is actually one of the well-known tourist destinations in the country. Some of the island’s tourist attractions are Subterranean RiverTubbataha Reef, and Honda Bay. Have you guessed yet? Yes, I’m talking about Puerto Princesa.

Puerto Princesa is a city located in the western provincial island of Palawan, one of 80 provinces which  make up the Philippines. Today, Puerto Princesa is a popular tourist city with many beach resorts and seafood restaurants. It has been acclaimed several times as the cleanest and greenest city in the Philippines.

To date, I have only been to the beaches from the following Philippine provinces:

  • Boracay 
  • La Union 
  • Cebu/Bohol 
  • Bolinao, Pangasinan 
  • Subic, Zambales 
  • Morong, Bataan 
  • Nearby beaches in the South (Batangas, Cavite, Laguna)

Incidentally, I’m getting married next year, and we haven’t thought about where we’d spend our honeymoon. I hope my fiancé reads this so he’d at least have an idea! Hahaha!

I hope to get my hands on white, fine-grain sand soon… And while you’re at it, watch this video:

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