Please Don’t

“What time will you be off from work today? I’ll be doing the groceries. Can you come pick me up?”, said my mother in her text earlier.

“I’ll be out in 20 minutes. Okay, I’ll see you there.”, I replied.

Grocery-shopping has been one of our mother-daughter bonding nowadays. In fact, it seemed to me that Mom’s doing the groceries every Friday at a nearby hypermarket. When I got there, I called Mom to tell her I’m going to do some personal stuff before meeting her. I dropped my used comforter off at a laundry shop and ran some bank errands thereafter.

Mom was at the vegetable section when I got to her. I looked after our grocery cart while she was rummaging through onions and garlic in the stand. Being the observant that I am, I noticed a little girl roaming around the premises. With her height and body frame, I’d say she’s about age four; however, to my horror, she was dressed inappropriately. By inappropriately, I mean she’s wearing hideous clothes. I followed the little girl around and when she stopped beside a lady by the dairy section, I kind of cringed at the sight of what-seemed-like her mother.

I didn’t take a photo of the little kid, but she was wearing something close to these:

Good Lord, what were her parents thinking? I couldn’t find a decent photo to compare with the mother’s outfit, but perhaps you can tell by the looks of the little girls in the above-picture what I mean. They were at a supermarket on a weekday to begin with, so why were they dressed this way?

I don’t understand why, for some people, they find little kids dressed like mini versions of themselves adorable. Okay, I know it sounds generic, so let me rephrase my argument: why do parents—specifically mothers—dress their four-year old kid as if she’s a teenager? Do you really find these kids cute in those—for the lack of a better term—provocative clothing? This is so wrong on all levels, and there is no valid justification for this action.

I am not yet a mother, but never will I allow my future daughter(s) to dress this way. If I may add, I don’t remember a single occasion that my mother clothed me in this manner. When I was younger, my father would lay my Sunday dress on the bed as I get ready for church. I loathed wearing floral, puff-sleeved dresses back then, but I had to conform with the proper dress code in church. My awkward teenage years were, well, awkward. I would avoid wearing skimpy, body-hugging clothes because I was never comfortable with my own body, so my staple wardrobe consisted of the usual shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

Fashionable, but not flashy

So what really is my point here? I know that what you wear doesn’t define who you really are, but let’s not eradicate the fact that these things may affect your offsprings in one way or another. Children are naïve by nature. Allow them to enjoy their childhood and experience things as they come with age. Let them be especially during their formative years. Parents, please don’t rob your kids of their youth.

In case you missed it, you may view photos of myself in both my childhood and awkward years here.

2 thoughts on “Please Don’t

  1. I soooo agree with you! Children should look like children! For crying out loud. Are these parents excited for their kids to grow up? It’s cute sometimes, but not all the time.


    • Exactly! I feel bad for these kids because they wouldn’t even know the difference between age-appropriate wardrobe and otherwise. It’s completely fine to make your children look like mini versions of yourself, but only to a certain extent.



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