As a follow-up to my post about my cousins, Naomi and Samantha, I will share with you today another recent achievement of Sam. We received an email from my aunt, Tita Beng, last month letting us know that Sam won the runner-up prize for Category 3 (12–16 year old) of the Northbridge Children’s Art Prize 2012. It was judged by Nafisa Naomi, a noted artist and art educator, and sponsored by the Willoughby Council.

Below is a gallery of photos with Samantha’s acrylic painting in black and white. Sam named her painting, Hand-Made, based on this year’s theme of “Planet Earth”.

The one who won the first prize is a 16-year old who had an oil painting with 3D effect called, Water. So Sam was beaten by the other girl’s technical skills, but the judge loved her concept. She had hieroglyphics and small drawings of plants and animals in the “Earth”.

I’m convinced that the passion in literature and the arts does run in our family. It’s not surprising because our grandfather, José T. Joya, was a National Artist of the Philippines. He was a printmaker, a mixed media artist, and a former dean of the University of the Philippines’ College of Fine Arts. He pioneered abstract expressionism in the Philippines.

I know this entry doesn’t say much about me, but I thought this is worth sharing to the world.

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