In Solitude


Oftentimes, when you want to get to know someone or at least try to begin a sensible conversation, you’d ask them about their hobbies and interests. Well, if you have known me for a long time, you’d tell that my personality is kind of recluse. Don’t get me wrong—I do have friends, a few good ones. It’s just that I define hanging out differently from most people. Getting together over dinner has got to be my ultimate kind of hanging out with friends. Add to that occasional coffee dates, just laughing and catching up on each other’s lives. When I’m alone, however, it’s a completely different story.

When I have some spare time, perhaps while waiting for my turn at a doctor’s clinic, I read. I used to bring paperbacks with me, but with the birth of eBooks, all I need is a comfortable seat and I’ll busy myself with reading in my phone or iPod Touch while listening to music simultaneously. The same is true when we’re travelling by car. In most cases, I’m awake to keep my father company while everyone else is asleep. I am my father’s human GPS, so when he doesn’t need my service, I just sit back and read. It surprises me sometimes that I’d finish a book in one sitting—that is, until we reach our destination—without even feeling car-sick.

Recently, in June, I got into a reading marathon again perhaps adding at least a dozen books in my read list. However, in August, I began getting my hands on with the wedding preparations, thus failing to catch up with my reading. According to my Goodreads profile, I’ve been currently reading Mitch Albom’s Have a Little Faith: The Story of a Last Request since the 4th of September. It’s sad, isn’t it? With a handful of new books released lately, my to-read list is piling up. Maybe when most major wedding-related issues have been sorted out, I will find time to read again.

As if it’s not even obvious, my other hobby would be writing. I am no professional writer, but lately I’ve been blogging a lot (credits to this 30-day blogging challenge). In spite of my involvement with the wedding planning, it’s a feat to be able to squeeze in my writing. It may not be in the form of conventional writing with pen and paper, but it works the same, doesn’t it? I have mentioned in my previous post that my flair in writing was discovered when I was 15. My works lean towards essays, random musings, and some poems (both in English and Filipino). I have yet to write a fictional story, but I’ve already added that to my bucketlist. Someday, someday.

Apart from maintaining a personal blog, I also enjoy reading other people’s random musings. Call me superficial, but I do find satisfaction in reading interesting blogs from other people, too. In fact, I follow most of their blogs, and take time in reading their posts when I get the time.

I find myself a boring person, but when people appreciate the things I write about, regardless of their relevance, it’s enough reason to keep doing what I’m doing.

So these are two of my hobbies. What’s yours?

11 thoughts on “In Solitude

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    • Why, thank you! It’s refreshing when you read interesting topics from another person’s blog. Sometimes, I get that feeling when I badly want to write about something, then I read it from somewhere else, and I’m like “my thoughts, exactly!”


  3. I like reading blogs, too. I try to read every post of the people I follow. I don’t always have something to say, but so far, I’m enjoying the people I read and follow. I like that you are your father’s GPS. I’ve only been following you a short time, Jae, but I don’t find you boring. :-)


    • Oh, my old man has poor sense of direction, though he’s not that old yet (age 52), but you get what I mean.

      Why, thank you, Maddie! The feeling is mutual. :)


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