Atypical Me


I am not at all weird. I am just different.

This is me talking to my inner self, justifying my preferences in life. It is not rocket science that we were all born unique. No two people are exactly alike. Yes, my DNA structure can well attest to that; however, I am not superlative of everything unusual that you can think of either. I can only think of a few things I do differently than most people. Maybe these will not even make up one percent of the entire population in the Philippines alone. I have only become aware of some of these things as I try to reflect on today’s subject. Let’s begin.

On Hot Chocolate & Coffee

Back in the day, my breakfast meant having a cup of hot chocolate in the morning. I grew up to this combination = 1 spoonful of Milo powdered malt energy drink + 1 spoonful of Nido powdered milk + 1 spoonful of white sugar. I put everything in my mug and mix them together prior to adding water. When adding liquid, I pour in hot water half-way first, followed by cold water to fill in the rest of my mug. Depending on my mood, I sometimes make it 75% hot and 25% cold. The same holds true with how I like my coffee done when I have the choice or option to do so. Well, I only got myself into coffee-drinking when I started working.

When taking out or driving thru fast-food chains, however, I would always request another cup filled with ice for me to add to my cup of hot chocolate or coffee because I just can’t drink one that’s boiling hot.

On Sleeping (Not that sleeping you have in mind, pervert! *rolls eyes*)

There are two things I myself find strange about my sleeping habits. First, I only sleep on one side of the bed. What do I mean? I grew up sleeping in one room with my younger brothers. We used to have a standard bunk bed with a pull-out mattress underneath. My brother next to me occupied the top bunk while the youngest slept on the pull-out bed. We’d gotten used to a setup where our bed sits next to a wall to allow more space in the room during the day. We had a twin-sized bed with four pillows, thus there’s not enough space to roll over while sleeping.

When my parents moved to their new room downstairs, I acquired their old room next to my brothers’. They had a queen-sized bed and a bathroom of their own, so it was quite an adjustment on my end. Since I’d gotten used to sleeping in a twin-sized bed, I only sleep on the left side of my bed and never occupied the other side. For whatever reason I don’t know, I find it uncomfortable sleeping on the right side of the bed. Incidentally, I read an article that supports my claim.

Second, in case you don’t know yet, the climate in the Philippines is fairly humid with temperatures ranging between 35 to 38 degrees Celsius (95 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit). Imagine how much more during the summer season. In spite of this condition, I still sleep with my blanket or comforter because I feel miserable when I try to sleep with my feet or legs exposed.

On French Fries and Ketchup 

I love everything potato. Be it baked, mashed, or deep-fried, I really don’t mind. French fries, however, made it to my list of guilty pleasures. I don’t really have a particular preference on french fries, but the ones readily available are from nearby fast-food chains like McDonald’s, KFC, and Jollibee. For me, the best ones are those golden, hot, and crispy fries (or chips in some countries). Personally, I like my fries delivered with packets and packets of tomato ketchup.

You may be wondering what’s so different about this combination. Well, unlike most people, I don’t dip my fries in ketchup. What I do is put ketchup on each of my fries (as shown in the picture above) then eat them. You know, just like how you put toothpaste on your toothbrush, thus the need for heaps of tomato ketchup packets!

There you go, ladies and gentlemen. I know there are more odd things other people do than those I’ve mentioned, but these are only a few that came to mind. Will I pass for one of the weirdest person alive? I hope not!

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