An Epitome of Grace


The website I am about to share with you now I knew from another blogger, Patty Laurel, who reblogged a post she found interesting. I saw it from Patty’s blog, and I really loved what she reposted. Anyway, I’m speaking of Grace Full Mama‘s website. I found her entry on the things she wanted to tell engaged and newlywed women really interesting and very timely, thus I had it reblogged in our wedsite, too. So what makes her worth writing about?

Joy Forney is the person behind Grace Full Mama. She is a proud mother of five kids. Her family currently lives in Indonesia. I like that she takes inspiration from her family and from the daily duties of a mother and a housewife in writing. She shares about her personal experiences about the struggles she’s encountered in her daily life and even gives advice on marriage and motherhood.

Since my discovery of her website, I had subscribed to her feeds; and for whatever reason, I always look forward to her new entries. There’s something about her writing that calms my nerves, and makes me look at the brighter side of things. Not that I find her perfect, but I admire how she is able to stay optimistic even when things don’t go as planned. She’s an inspiration, and I’d like to emulate her outlook in life in general. Most importantly, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out how devoted she is in God, too.

Here are some of my favorite posts from her website:

I highly recommend that you drop by her website and get inspired by her posts, too. :)

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