Just Do The Math!


I perceive life’s adversities as mathematical problems. Yes, I’m using these as my inspiration for today’s theme. I don’t know if anyone else has compared their afflictions with mathematics, but I came to this realization from a recent upshot I had to deal with. I won’t get into the details of my misfortune, but I will try to explain [to the best of my ability] why I think this analogy is legit.

Earning an academic degree in engineering meant that I practically breathed and fed on arithmetic a quarter of my existence (that is as of writing, of course); however, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what I’m really trying to say.

My father was hands-on in anything related to my studies, most especially if it involved mathematics. He would always say that in any complicated mathematical problem, its solution is not limited to one. Just like in life. Our troubles may seem infinite—that the list remains endless—but ways to resolve these are deemed incessant, too. In other words, they are directly proportional. You see, the analogy here is actually simple: there may be one too many ways to solve a problem, but it will arrive to only one answer.

If only most people who are experiencing hardships in life would find this metaphor logical, this world would be a better place. People won’t need to gain something from another person’s loss. Perhaps crime rates will drop to zero percent or war will just be a word in the dictionary. I don’t know. It won’t hurt to dream of these things, right?


And that’s a wrap, folks! Wow, a month went by just like that.
I am happy to have completed this 30-day Blogging Challenge because not only did I share a part of my life, I also introduced you to the people I love the most.

To the friends I have gained through this experience, I humbly express my gratitude.
Shameless plug: I hope you continue visiting my blog like you always have. *winks*

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