Cuteness Overload!

I woke up to these cute little puppies this morning! These three are Labrador-German Shepherd mixed breeds; two are female and one male. They are only a month and two weeks old. My youngest brother got them from his classmate, and we’re keeping the male puppy (the one in all fours) because we already got two female dogs at home. My other brother just gave them a bath that’s why they look weird in the photos.

Here’s a short clip of the two female puppies after they’ve been given a bath:

Aren’t they adorable?

By the way, we haven’t thought of a name to give our new puppy.
What do you have in mind? :)

Added on 03 Nov 2012: We’ve decided to call our new puppy GUMBO! Dad wanted to call it Jumbo because it’s too big and cuddly, but thought Gumbo sounds more cute (though we named it after a restaurant). Hahaha!

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