To The Moon and Back

So I’ve been on semi-hiatus for what-felt-like-forever. Yes, it felt like living a day a month in the life of an astronaut. (You know what they say about astronauts and wanting space. You’re smart if you got this inside joke.) Things have been a bit rough; a few bumps here and there, but I am finding myself getting back on track. God sure knows how to shake me up!

Anyway, what have I been up to in the last couple of weeks, you may ask? Well, I had myself semi-disconnected to the world. By this, I mean I’m around, but not quite. Got that? No? Let’s just say I kind of slightly went a different path in my usual daily routine. Incidentally, I had my phone serviced the day after my birthday, thus making me detached from most social networking sites. Funny, I don’t miss it all. Well, except writing/blogging, of course. That’s already a given.

This was my last tweet on 07 Nov 2012.

I took advantage of this by doing things that are deemed more sensible. Instead of back-reading tweets, I started reading books again. I think it’s the most I’ve read since June. I even got myself into reviewing the ones I’ve read. Perhaps you want to check them out here. I have to thank two of my cheerleaders, Micah and Nica, for influencing—and encouraging—me to do these things more often. I really appreciate it, kids!

To add fun to dysfunctional, I had myself engaged to a new workout program/routine. My parents (as well as most relatives and friends) have been coaxing me to quit losing any more weight for they find me a bit too scrawny nowadays, but whatever. I just want to try new things out, okay? There’s not much to worry about, really. Relax.

Okay, now onto the more sensible serious part of this entry. A time away from all the craziness happening around me made me appreciate even the most insignificant things that I’ve been missing. I needed this time-out to clear my head and re-assess my priorities without the help of neither my family nor friends. Basically, I found a good excuse to reflect on life in general. It made me focus on the stuff that actually matter rather than dwell on the negativity that’s been lurking around me lately. There are things that I need to work on like choosing my battles wisely, avoid stressing out on the littlest of things, and many more. So, did it work? I guess it did in a way I cannot even really point my finger at. I just know it did. Perhaps I need to do this more often. You know, a little clutter-cleaning every now and then. It feels refreshing and sort of liberating in the same manner.

Just like the moon, people go through phases in life. I guess it’s time to start anew, and learn to live in the moment because I’m too busy to care about what other people might say.

14 thoughts on “To The Moon and Back

  1. I am commenting via mobile web (no wordpress app in my phone) so…

    Yay for you! I guess that sort of thing needs to be done on a regular basis. I might have a post about that.

    I miss you guys. :) I’ve been spacing out for all the weird/complex reasons. I’ll be around, promise. :)


  2. Reading is good. Exercising is good. Reassessing is good. It sounds like your down time was productive, Jae. I like this: “choosing my battles wisely, avoid stressing out on the littlest of things.” I personally think both of these are very wise. Some things simply aren’t worth arguing over and/or stressing over, so, good decisions on your part.


    • Ah, Ms Maddie, you don’t know how much your words mean to me. It’s weird that I got something good out of all these—whatever they were.
      Would it be more weird if I choose to keep it this way? Or is it so much for a reclusion?


      • If I’m not misunderstanding, I think there is a happy medium for most situations. Your blog posts are very enjoyable, but you need time away from social media, too, yes? You may want to do what you just did more often. Blog and enjoy social media for a time, but then take time away to be sure you are enjoying other aspects of your life and not neglecting them. It is enjoyable to be a recluse at times, isn’t it?


      • Yes, Ms Maddie. As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, reading and writing/blogging have been my outlet for most situations. What I can’t say by mouth, I put in paper. Reading, however, diverts my attention and makes me forget what I’m stressing about.

        I quit Facebook a long time ago, and the only social media site that I visit often (apart from WordPress) is Twitter. Even that I did not miss much. Perhaps I’m getting old(er)!

        With my personality, Ms Maddie, I don’t really mind being a recluse most of the time. :)

        Thank you very much for your insightful thoughts!


  3. What’s with all the seriousness? If I didn’t see you yesterday, I might assume you went on a retreat or something. LOL. Kidding aside, I agree with you on this. I have my phases, too! If you see a poetry post from me, it means something was up! Hahaha.

    I especially like the last sentence. Enjoy life. If you always care what others will say, then you are living in a world with standards created by them. In the end, not only did you not live your life well, but you were driven by others’ prejudices and expectations.

    Follow what your heart tells you. They make call you a fool, but at least you are a fool. Not a lonely, empty person.


    • Didn’t you know? I went on a 12-hour pilgrimage when I left work yesterday. Hahaha!

      Ah, look at you, young lady. I’m four years your senior, but you emanate wisdom with your words. I need not say more on this, Nic. Spot on!

      P.S. Thank you. :)


      • pilgrimage where? ah, deep within yourself, eh?

        In my other mood I might argue that I am far from being a lady and young is just relatively speaking, but since I am being insightful at this moment I will let these pass. Hahaha.

        Seriously, you are most welcome :)



      • Clever. Let’s put it that way. Who would have thought, right? ;)
        Young lady, stop playing with words. Hahaha!
        No, really, I appreciate it. Thank you. :)



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