Back-to-Back Birthday Weekend

No, friends, it’s not my birthday (yet). Well, I just had mine in November, so this post isn’t entirely about me. Unlike most kids our age, my brothers and I grew up not having annual birthday parties. To us, birthdays are celebrated with the family. Nothing fancy, really—hear Thanksgiving mass together then a lunch- or dinner-out at a decent restaurant.

Miggy and his siblings, on the other hand, are accustomed to celebrating their birthdays at home, prepared by his mother. Coincidentally, Miggy and his brother, Patrick, were both born in January. The girls, April and Stephanie, are April babies. Oh, and their father celebrates his birthday in April, too. What are the odds, right? It has been a family tradition to hold a double/triple party at their place to commemorate the occasion.

Like Christmas and New Year, Miggy’s birthday this year is different. He gets to celebrate it with his other members of his family and mine. Weeks before his birthday, I had already planned on taking a day off from work. I intentionally did not prepare any birthday surprise for him because I thought I’d save that for next year—when we’re married. Miggy and I heard Thanksgiving mass early in the morning, then headed back for breakfast at their place.

Incidentally, the first day of the bridal fair we were supposed to go to fell on his birthday. We left their house at ten o’clock, so we’d arrive at the venue earlier. The top three things we inquired about at the exhibit were suppliers for wedding rings, invitations, and wedding coordinators. We had no intentions of booking anyone on that day because we still have to deliberate on our options. When we’ve inquired from each and every prospective suppliers at the fair, we went back home to invite his family for a dinner celebration at Hap Chan Tea House.

We could have had a group celebration with my family, but Dad and my youngest brother will be coming from work/school, so Miggy decided that we take them out on a different day. It was the last day of the 3-day bridal fair when we returned to finally book our wedding coordinators. After which, Miggy and I placed our reservation at Watami Japanese Restaurant in SM Mall of Asia for a lunch date with my family.

I liked the overall interior design of the place. Gives you the impression of comfort and elegance. The food was great; however, since the restaurant is fairly new, the flow of orders needed improvement. Regardless, the staff members were genuinely nice. In fact, Dad had them prepare something for the birthday boys—a scoop of ice cream, each with a birthday candle. The staff members even sang them a birthday song in Japanese!

Miggy and my youngest brother’s birthdays are exactly a week apart. The following Saturday, Mom and Dad reserved us a spot at Sambo Kojin. My family loves food, and this Japanese-Korean collaboration just made us all giddy and excited! Since this buffet restaurant opened in SM Southmall, Kevin has been nudging us to try it out, so Mom and Dad thought it’s the perfect option for his birthday celebration.

Sambo Kojin at SM Southmall

Sambo Kojin at SM Southmall

Kevin and his girlfriend, Jan, were an hour or so late because they came all the way from school. While they get their food, Dad talked to our assigned server to ask whether they’re giving a complimentary cake or ice cream for birthday celebrants. As soon as Kevin and Jan settled in their seats, the restaurant staff gave him a complimentary cake, gathered around and sang him a happy birthday.

To give you an indication of how much we enjoyed our buffet dinner, Miggy left the restaurant with two of his shirt buttons popping out! Hahaha! It was definitely a fun-filled back-to-back birthday weekend with my family!

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