I know I have posted these on Twitter and Instagram last week, but I still could not get over with my family’s reaction to this particular conversation on iMessage between my favorite cousin and I:


Kuya Bab: Jayv! Look at what i found

Jae: What?

(sends a photo as attachment)

Jae: Ahahahaha
Jae: Classic!

Kuya Bab: Hahahaha

Jae: Hahahahaha payat mo diyan oh! (Hahahahaha oh, you look skinny there!)

Kuya Bab: Hahaha onga eh! Ibang iba! (Hahaha certainly! So different!)

Jae: Hahahahahhahahhahaha






Jae: Anyareh? (What happened?)

Kuya Bab: Tanong ko rin yan sa sarili ko araw araw e (I ask the same question everyday)

Jae: Hahahahahahahaha

Jae: Tawang tawa ako (I’m laughing so hard)

The photo above was taken on my 18th birthday when he played the role as my escort. Because it’s Thursday, I just would like to take part in the #ThrowBackThursday hashtag. I tagged my other cousins in my post, and we all had one hell of a good laugh. I missed my cousins!

P.S. If you’re wondering what he looks like now, here’s a latest photo of him:

Kuya Bab, February 2013

Kuya Bab, February 2013

I’m so dead when he finds this out! Hahaha! I love you, Kuya!

P.P.S. Can you tell I had trouble translating the message in English? Key word: colloquialism.

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