His Fancy Birthday Weekend

My husband has always been a generous giver even before we got married. To this day, he wouldn’t admit to himself that all these years he’d spoil me not only with love, but with thoughtfulness in the form of tangible things, too. He sees these ‘gifts‘ as an excuse to make up for the long-distance relationship we’re in. I know his intentions are good, but I since I tend to over think things, I oftentimes end up feeling guilty.

Roan doesn’t enjoy shopping like most men do. In fact, when he shops for clothes, he usually buys them in bulk and at a discounted price. He isn’t, however, reluctant to spend for his Chevrolet Camaro SS, though he doesn’t confess this either. I know he’s happy to receive new shirts to add to his modest collection, but I wanted it to be different this year.

My husband has spent his birthday twice here in Manila since he migrated to the US for good in 2005. During his R&R in 2009, his mother prepared a birthday celebration for him. We were not dating yet at that time, but it I guess it counts as spending his birthday together because I was invited to his party then. The second time was last year when he went home for the Christmas holidays. Being the newlyweds that we are, I wanted the third to be more special than the previous ones.

I’d say it was quite a challenge to plan a special birthday celebration, let alone a surprise one. For Roan’s birthday this year, it’s time that I give my husband his due. We were still in Thailand for our honeymoon when I began planning in my head. His birthday fell a week before his flight back to the US, so it really had to be different. Given the time constraint, I committed to the idea of booking ourselves at a nearby hotel for Roan’s birthday weekend. 

With thorough research considering its location, rates, and reviews from previous travelers, I ended up booking the Crimson Hotel in Alabang, Muntinlupa. It wasn’t exactly a surprise because I had to confirm with Roan if he had other plans on his birthday before I placed our reservation. Good thing he had none, so I proceeded with the reservation.

I might as well write a review on this hotel while I’m at it, shouldn’t I?

Crimson Hotel stands near the commercial establishments inside Filinvest City in Alabang, Muntinlupa. According to their staff, the owner of Crimson Hotel is a Filipino-Chinese business tycoon who is based in Cebu. Crimson Hotel started their operation only in December 2012, but it’s gathering a lot of good reviews. In fact, it is currently at #3 among the #7 hotels in the area.

There were some little hiccups during our stay, but these were tolerable:

  1. We had to wait for 20 minutes before we were able to go to our room. This is partly my fault because I booked a room that had two twin-sized beds instead of just a king-sized one. Luckily, there was one available room for us.
  2. By the time our room’s ready for occupancy, no bell staff was in sight. The lobby guard saw us trying to wait/look for one, but he pretended not to notice.
  3. The air conditioning system produced bothering noise which may not be evident during the day. The thermostat was pretty inconsistent, too.
  4. Sunday morning breakfast was awful. The hotel serves breakfast buffet from 6:00–10:00AM, but when we came in at around 9:30, several dishes were empty, and haven’t been replenished. We believe this should not be the case since the buffet doesn’t close until 10, and several people arrived much later than we did.
Happy Birthday, Husband!

Happy Birthday, Husband!

Other than these, everything went beyond our expectations. The experience was great, but it could have been better. What’s more important is that my husband enjoyed his birthday weekend over a quick respite. In fact, he said he’d like us to go back again next time. Who says one needs to go to remote areas and drive for long hours when you can get the same satisfaction within the metro?

I wonder what my plan for his birthday next year. Any suggestions?

6 thoughts on “His Fancy Birthday Weekend

    • Jules! Is that your other blog? I followed it, pronto! I thought it’s lame that we ended up booking a hotel accommodating within the city, but it turned out really fun. We lived as if we were out-of-town. Hahaha!

      Hopefully by next year, I’ve moved with him in California. Then I don’t have to worry much where to go because there will definitely more options when I get there!

      Muntinlupa is the southern part of Metro Manila. You grew up from the northern part of the country! ;)


      • Yes :) It was a more personal blog but it’s so hard to keep track of two blogs at once so I’m hoping to merge them together.. I don’t know yet.

        How exciting must that be! I don’t know how you do it, to be away from your husband but then again the thought of being together once and for all will be the most amazing feeling ever!

        I wish you both good luck and a happy healthy marriage!!


      • Ah, I highly recommend that you maintain only one blog, so that your old-time readers won’t get confused. It’s going to take a lot of work, but it’s going to be worth it!

        It’s difficult. I hope my papers are processed the soonest so I can finally go there! :(



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