Will You Be My Prom Date?

Has anyone else realized that it’s already the prom season? It has completely slipped my mind had I not stumbled upon a local online website with all their prom dress recommendations. If I were going to the prom today, I would wear any of these beautiful pieces:

Proms are usually evening occasions, so I’d prefer dresses with darker shades of fabric with sparkles, but not too dark because it may make me look older than my age. I would also choose not-so-common hues such as in the photos to make an impression without looking desperate of attention. If I’m going for a dress adorned with intricate bead works, I’d probably wear my hair down like Duchess Kate‘s ‘do at the Portrait Gala, and use very minimal jewelry to avoid looking over the top.


I remember high school prom differently. A little more than ten years ago, our school implemented a policy of holding high school prom every other year to allow students to at least experience the event once without robbing their parents’ pockets for two consecutive years. I attended mine when we were in junior year. I wasn’t really looking forward to high school prom because these kind of events don’t really appeal to me back then. Unlike most high school proms nowadays, our school prohibited students to invite ‘prom dates’ from off-campus other than their parents, so the title of this post did not apply to me at all.

I became part of the social dance that is the cotillion during our prom night against my will. The dance choreographer also happened to be our Physical Education (PE) teacher, so she kept pestering me into participating. I relentlessly denied her invitation until one day, I got pulled out from class to join the rehearsal. It turned out that she asked my mother’s permission on my behalf, so I was left with no choice, but to comply.

I was fortunate to have been partnered to a stick-thin taller guy from another section. I considered myself lucky because at least he’s taller unlike the other girls whose dance partners were shorter than they were. Add to that the embarrassment of being compared to the Seniors who seemed to have mastered the dance in two days. Welcome to the so-called awkward teenage years.

We had dance rehearsals every day, at least two hours after school, for three weeks. As exhausted as I was, quitting was not an option most especially when we had gotten closer to the day of the event. Plus, my mother’s name as at stake, and I can’t let her down on this one. Now comes the dreadful question: What am I going to wear to prom?

I didn’t want my parents to shell out so much on a prom dress, so I settled for a cousin’s hand-me-down dress which was altered to fit my size. However, since I was participating in the social dance, I needed to get a new one.

So here’s how I looked like on that dreadful day: 

Aren’t these enough reasons to NEVER wear flat hairstyles again? Why did I even agree to this? Okay, this has to stop now. I’m embarrassing myself.

Can anyone else top my high school prom experience? Tell me your story.

7 thoughts on “Will You Be My Prom Date?

  1. Jae I’m dying over here! I applaud you for putting those pictures up for us to enjoy! You didn’t even look bad. You kind off resemble Jodi Santamaria in those pictures.

    Thanks for sharing this :D


  2. The only bright spot in my prom was that my crush asked me for a dance, 2 songs! My gowns were okay – a two-piece midnight blue gown for my Junior prom (velvet top and this amazing skirt) and a gold ball gown for my Senior prom. Oh the gown was fine but I looked horrible. Hahaha!!! I will NEVER post prom photos of my senior year!


  3. I can’t top your prom story. I had a really good time at mine, which I had been looking forward to attending since I was 10 years old and reading Seventeen magazine for the first time. I wore a long lace lime-green dress and went with my English classmate, Sean. It was held at an inn and after, my crew of friends (approximate 40 of us) headed to my friend’s home for post-prom. Post-prom felt like something out of a John Hughes movie. I still have fond memories of all of it. I don’t chaperone proms, though. I enjoy dancing too much to go.


    • Good for you! I had fun, too, despite everything; it’s just that proms and parties weren’t my thing then. It remains true until today, but wedding parties are an exception. :)



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