My Top 3 Bathroom Essentials

As I was getting ready this morning, I realized three bathroom essentials that I consider my current favorites. Note that I simply got most of these items off the rack, and used them with blind faith, hoping that they deliver according to their product description.


1. Olay® 2-in-1 Essential Oils Ribbons Jojoba Extract + Luscious Orchid Moisturizing Body Wash

I got this body wash from Duty Free when Dad returned from a 3-day business trip to Japan in January. I did not really plan on buying anything there because I just replenished my toiletries, but my husband was insistent on getting on a few imported things because it’s relatively cheaper compared to those sold in the local grocery. He picked this up from the rack because he thought it smelled good, and I thought so, too. It might have been on the third day of using it [twice] when I noticed my skin feeling soft and hydrated. Its floral scent lasts for a few good hours which I find impressive.

I use this body wash sparingly since it lathers easily with a loofa. Although I have not emptied my bottle, I wanted to get another one; however, it wasn’t available in local groceries as well as in S&R, so I might have to look for a body wash similar to this one.


2. Aquaphor® Healing Ointment

Unlike most women, I don’t use lotion a lot. I only feel the need to use one during the rainy or cold season when my skin tends to become more dry. So dry that I oftentimes find myself scratching it to the point that it develops an abrasion. I know it’s not good practice, but dry, itchy skin can be intolerable.

I discovered this product from Mom. I kept complaining about how dry my legs have become, and she gave me this. It is similar to a petroleum jelly except it comes in a tube which makes it more convenient to use. I have used this for months now, and I can tell that it has kept my legs moisturized. I sometimes apply this to my lips overnight, no longer waking up to bloody cracked ones.


3. Organix Extra Penetrating Moroccan Argan Oil Dry & Coarse Hair

While we’re on the subject of moisturizing and healing products, this one has got to be my holy grail. I have naturally thick and coarse hair strands (credits to Dad’s genetics), and exposing my tresses to damaging tools and treatments (i.e., ironing, curling, hair straightening/coloring) made it dry and dull. It even came to a point when my hair felt stiff and unmanageable.

I have kept my hair long and permanently dyed for four years now, but I never thought of chopping it all off altogether. I only get a “trim” once or in every six months, and that’s my best effort in making my tresses healthy (aside from using conditioner every time, of course). That’s until I discovered this product. I usually apply this while my hair is still damp (not dripping) from taking a shower, and leave it on overnight. I focus on the lower half of my hair where it is most dry. Now waking up to soft and manageable hair makes a beautiful morning!

What three things in your bathroom/dresser play a vital part in your daily routine?
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This is not a sponsored post nor am I, in any way, affiliated to the above-mentioned companies.

17 thoughts on “My Top 3 Bathroom Essentials

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    • Hi, Pardz. :) It’s the first time I’ve heard of Eucerin facial products, though. Is it from the US?

      I’m having breakouts; been lacking on sleep for the past weeks due to my work schedule. :(


      • Halloo Pardz! Uhm, not sure if US brand sya. I use the wash, toner and moisturizer. :)

        Not sure if you got my message a week or two back. Are you still on 2-10 schedule? Message me when you’re free. I miss you!


      • SHALA! Never heard… Hahaha! :P

        I did… Thought not to bother you anymore, so I didn’t reply na rin. No, I’m back to 6-2 work schedule na. I’m home right now. I will iMessage you shortly. :)


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  3. I’m dying to get super long hair that’s not all damaged. :( I’ve tried the organix shampoi and conditioner and they smell wonderful! I should give this oil a try..


    • I have the Awapuhi Ginger Shampoo & Conditioner, but they’re not adviseable for regular use. My hair tends to become greasy, and it can be annoying. Give the argan oil a try. :)


  4. I use Kerastase hair oil – which pretty much does the same trick as you hair oil. My FA shower gel keeps me constantly smelling nice and feeling a bit like a fluffy bear. I also use Loreal hairspray because I try and do something different with m hair everyday and I need hairspray in order to keep it in place. I also noticed that you are reading Divergent! I have finished the first one and started reading the second this morning – how are you finding it?


    • Hi, lry93! Is this your real name?
      Anyway, I have used Kerastase hair products before, but they’re expensive here in the Philippines. Having thick hair makes me want to just wear it loose or in a high bun or in French braids. Haha!

      I am only halfway through Divergent, and I’ve stopped for weeks now due to other things I’m currently attending, too. I need to find time to catch up with my reading. :(


      • No, they are my initials – or at least the “y” was before I got married. My name is Lauren. They are pretty expensive here too, but I still use them regularly because they last for a long time.

        I am half way through the second book. It is worth a read when you manage to catch up! :-)


      • Hello, Lauren! Ah, I get you. When you’ve found your holy grail, the price tag no longer matters.

        I’ll keep that in mind. I hope I finish the first book before the movie is shown in the theaters!



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