This Isn’t Funny Anymore

I’m in the brink of throwing a fit here at work.

Our IT department had performed a system maintenance on Sunday, and we haven’t had decent internet connection at work since. Zero. It’s been two days, for heaven’s sake. Yesterday was the worst of all my work days because I spent an entire 8-hour shift doing absolutely nothing work-related. I fiddled with my phone the whole day! I’m not the type who enjoys browsing through the web when bored, so it was quite a challenge trying to pretend that you’re busy when you’re not. Okay, so backreading blog posts might have helped, but not quite when you also think about a weekend’s worth of work in your pipeline.

I learned this morning that some of us were able to access some systems via VPN, but I was not one of them. Great. My bosses were kind enough to lend me their login details in order to at least update the production status in some systems, but that’s all I was able to do. Our client email was fortunately accessible from a mobile phone, but it was a pain to read and reply to emails from mobile browser (see blurred screen capture above).

What’s even more annoying is the fact that IT folks don’t seem to prioritize helpdesk requests to troubleshoot the problem. Hello? We’re busy people, too, y’know. Apologies for the rant, dear readers. You can tell how frustrating this is at the moment.

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