Speaking of Birds…

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The weather has warmed up here in the Philippines. It is not yet officially summer, but it’s a clear indication that the dry season will be around soon. Coming home from work on a Friday afternoon, I kicked my weekend off by doing some light household chores. While folding newly-washed clothes, I was all of a sudden brought out of my reverie by the sound of chirping birds. It was music to my ears. I realized how living in a busy neighbourhood within the city hampers one’s appreciation of nature.

Mom was telling us the other day how one family friend has gotten into birding. “Cool, he breeds different kinds of birds,” I said. Mom corrected me by explaining that people who get into this thing do not breed birds, but instead spend time taking photos of them. I’m not sure what’s more silly—taking photos of random birds or assuming that birding is the same thing as breeding? Consider the latter, please.

Apparently, birding has been a thing here in the Philippines since mid-2000s. It is actually a birdwatching quest for nature and photography enthusiasts alike. What makes it exciting is the chance to discover rare species of the aves class. That family friend of ours I was telling about earlier even goes to remote regions in the country, hoping to capture the beauty of birds, other wildlife and local culture. That—I think—gives a whole new meaning to thrill-seeking adventures.

While you indulge yourselves in these amazing photos of birds taken from different parts of the country, I’m going to start packing my bag for a quick getaway with my family this weekend. Here’s to wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

4 thoughts on “Speaking of Birds…

      • Yes, that is what I meant! That the photographs were just simply beautiful shots in general…and by looking forward to your work I meant your writing and synthesizing the photographs with your writing into a blog post! Shoulda been more specific in my earlier comment! Have a great day!


      • My bad! I just had to reiterate that the photos are not mine. Y’know, legal matters. :) anyway, thank you for dropping by, and I hope you stay longer!




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