Candid Moments are…Well, Candid

When my husband and I booked our official wedding photographer, one of our primary instructions was to ensure that they capture spontaneous moments more than formal ones. Since we’re having an intimate affair, we wanted to at least honor our guests by showing how much they enjoyed our wedding through photos of themselves taken during the event. Here are only a few from the many snap shots we personally loved from the collection:

What’s the problem, Mayor? Had trouble putting the garter on Anj’s leg? (above left); College friends in the background cheering “The Lucky Pair” on (bottom left); My mother-in-law having a blast! (right)

The Principal Sponsor and The Parentals. Oh, wait! Blacktieproject’s Mastermind was caught on camera smiling, too! (above); The ladies wanting to get a closer view of “The Lucky Pair” (bottom left); My husband’s rare moment: laughing his heart out. Can you not tell? (bottom right)


My cousin, Sam, still looked lovely in spite of her bewildered reaction (left); Watch out, ladies! Micah took her game up a notch! (middle); Why contain your laughter, Sherry? (right)

The Aunt’s and The Principal Sponsor’s signature laughs (above left); Looks like Ete could not take it anymore (bottom left); Anj and Mayor as “The Lucky Pair” (right)

In the far left is Roan’s aunt who seldom smiles in photos, but was caught laughing with my aunt and her friends during the game about The Couple (above); Anj’s reaction when our wedding coordinator/host explained the mechanics of the singles’ game for the ladies (bottom left); Sherry’s equally shocked reaction on how to “win” the game (bottom right)

Roan and I still find ourselves laughing with these people simply by looking at these photos. We love how these stolen moments prove that our reception program turned out to be genuinely entertaining. It wouldn’t have been possible had our friends refused to willingly participate in the games, albeit humiliating. Looking back, not one guest was caught [on camera] frowning at the party which could be a clear indication that every one of us had fun.

P.S. I hope these photos made your day as much as they did mine!

7 thoughts on “Candid Moments are…Well, Candid

  1. Aw this is s charming! Candid shot are awesome because they’re raw and not staged so you really get the feel of the emotions at the time! Cute post :)



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