Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

The Philippines is a tropical country with only two seasons: wet and dry. It’s a dream to experience what winter, spring, summer or fall feels like. Well, except maybe for summer since it almost always feels that way here. I haven’t been to Japan, but I heard so much about Sakura (cherry blossoms) lately that it makes me want to visit the country someday.

Photo credit: JKJM

Photo credit: JKJM

This photo was taken by my youngest brother using his BlackBerry Z10 from our recent trip to Tagaytay. I particularly loved how vibrant the colors turned out; no filters necessary. Seeing flowers abloom reminds me that despite the scorching heat here in the Philippines, something good and beautiful comes out of it.

22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

    • I don’t even know what it’s called! Parang nasa off-limits area pa nga yata ‘yang shot na ‘yan. Haha!

      Uyy, lapit na! Getting ready for the wedding? :D


      • Oo. Tapos na ang pagpaplano. Ang kasal namin ay dito sa Estados Unidos pero cada taon, pumupunta ako sa Pilipinas para bumisita.. at pasakitin ng ulo ang kababata ko sa Tagalog kong pang-makata :)


      • Tapos na agad?! Ambilis naman! Akala ko dito kayo ikakasal sa Pilipinas. Good luck sa panahon dito paguwi mo, pero June na ‘yun, so baka maulan-ulan na. Sobrang init dito ngayon! Yung tipong kaliligo mo lang, gusto mo nang maligo ulit.

        Aliw ka. Ang tatas mo mag-Tagalog! :D


      • :) ! Hay, naku, nung pumunta sa ‘Pinas si Jake noon, akala niya lalabas at lalabas kami, pero ako naman, gusto kong mag-mall lang. Anyway, salamat sa pag-post mo ng retratong ito. Kakatuwa.


      • Nawa’y matuwa’t maaliw kayo sa muling pag-uwi niyo dito sa Pilipinas sa Hunyo! Maraming salamat, kaibigan! :)


    • I have, but it was ages ago! If memory serves me right, I was only in first grade when I last went there. I heard most flowers sold here in the city are from there!


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  3. I grew up in south Florida, which is sub-tropical, so I kind of know what you’re talking about. I like the change of seasons, even though I get tired of winter.


    • I’ve always associated winter to Christmas holidays (except for those in the northern hemisphere), and always think where there’s winter, there’s snow. I only realized that’s not the case when my husband lived in Texas.

      Nevertheless, I look forward to first-hand experience of all four seasons. I’m sorry if I sound too shallow!


    • I didn’t know there are cherry blossoms in Canada, too! I have cousins in Winnipeg. Do they have them there?

      Actually, I don’t even know! It’s among the bed of flowers beside the church we went to. :D



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