Sweet Spot o’ Mine

Among the things my husband and I look forward to the most is having a place of our own. Even prior to getting married, we’ve agreed on moving out from our respective families and start anew. Since I’m migrating to the US with him soon, my family is obviously out of the picture.

While we look forward to humble beginnings, we oftentimes find ourselves conjuring up an image of our dream house. Two things that Roan wants us to invest in are: (1) a recliner for when he’s watching TV or playing video games; and (2) a good quality couch for nights when he’s banned from our bedroom, an inside joke we share together.

I know most housewives would want a fully-equipped kitchen, but since my talent in cooking has yet to be discovered, I’d rather have a home office—a sweet spot in the house I can call my own. If given the chance, I want to have a little nook where I can spend my free time reading a book or blog about the mundanes of our daily life.

Here are a few inspirations for my would-be home office. There is not one exact design, but I would want to incorporate one or two elements from each idea, making it my own someday.

If you had paid attention to details, you would have noticed how I wanted my space to be situated by the window. There is something wonderful about being at your office desk, writing, and have the chance to look out the window especially when you’re going through some writer’s block. There also have to be a small couch where I can comfortably prop myself on as I bury my head in my book which can also double as a bed when I feel like taking a nap.

Aren’t these photos lovely? Looking at them just makes me giddy!

Fancy your own home office? I’d love you to share them with me or tag me if you have already posted about it!

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