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Photos grabbed from respective bloggers' sites

Photos grabbed from respective blogger’s site

DISCLAIMER: No, this isn’t an advertisement. This is neither a chain blog post.

One of the first things I do every morning (most especially on Monday mornings) when I get to the office is open my WordPress Reader, and back read on blog posts that I missed over the weekend. I noticed that it has been part of my routine for a couple of months now—like one would have a cup of coffee while feeding on what’s up with the world lately.

Today I will feature a couple of fellow bloggers (wait, I’m a blogger?) who I think are awesome people. I may not have met either one of them in person yet, but their blogs have somehow allowed me to know them a little more in the course of time. Most of them I don’t even remember when I started following, but it doesn’t really matter. All that matters is how they have made an influence or a difference with whatever they put in writing. Okay, before I sound so much like I’d kiss someone’s bum, I’ll go ahead and introduce you to some of my favorite people in the blogosphere:

Snapshots & My Thoughts

If you want to indulge yourself into some cuteness overload, then Snapshots & My Thoughts is the place to be. Ailee of Snapshots & My Thoughts shares a mixture of personal and professional content through photos, and these are the primary reason why I followed her. Her taste in home decoration is like a mirror of mine. Ailee is a would-be mom. In fact, she’s due to give birth to their first-born, Isla, in a few days! She’s recently shared her preparations on the coming of their little bundle of joy, and this has got to be my favorite!

Itsy Bitsy Indulgences

Itsy Bitsy Indulgences is run by two sisters, Shannon and Allison. What I love most about their site is how they share their life experiences both as individuals and as sisters. What started out as a fitness blog eventually evolved to a lot of things. Sometimes it makes me think what it’s like to have a sister, and work with her on things that we both love to do.

For Vanity’s Sake

I don’t quite remember how I came upon For Vanity’s Sake, but I was surprised to learn how she’s a registered nurse, and with her beauty/fashion/lifestyle blog, these two do not add up. I mean, I had assumed that she’s a professional model, doing these things for a living. It didn’t even cross my mind that she could have a background in the medical field! Julie, I fondly call Jules, is a sweet girl who also had a flair for make-up. My favorite of all her works is her Disney Collaboration with another blogger where she re-created Pocahontas’ look. I think she definitely nailed it!

Kosher Adobo

KP, the brain behind Kosher Adobo, is a Filipino-born teacher who spent most of her youth in Saudi Arabia with her family. I enjoy reading KP’s stories because they are always beautifully written. My favorite of her posts so far is her Daily Post entry, Ten Things My Grandfather Would Be Surprised to Know. It’s probably one of the most powerful prose I have read in a long time. It was poignant enough to remember and miss my own lolo (grandfather in Filipino).

Shayne Blogs

Stumbling into Shayne’s former blog, The Book of Shayne, is an unforgettable one. It was during that time when we look back at the damages the Philippines have endured from the destructive Typhoon Haiyan that hit the country in November of last year. She wrote The Man Who Won’t Help The Philippines, and the title itself caught my attention. Just by reading the title made me think at the back of my head: who could be so adamant in this time of worldwide grief? Like KP, Shayne writes exquisite content in her blog, so there’s always something to look forward to in her blog.

The last three are fellow Filipino bloggers who I have developed an online friendship with. It actually brings some sense of pride that there are people like them who are making it big in the blogosphere. Well, what are you waiting for? Hop on over to their blogs, follow and have fun reading!

12 thoughts on “Share Some Blog Love

  1. Aww, this is so sweet. It still blows my mind that you’re in the Las Pinas area and are moving to San Diego — two of my most favorite places to be with friends and family! Such a small world! :) I’m so glad that I’ve gotten to know some Pinay bloggers as well. It’s definitely a beautiful thing to see such strong, remarkable women making their marks!


    • Such a small world, indeed. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’ve actually known each other from way back though that’s impossible. ;)


      • Haha! Well, there is that misconception/stereotype that ALL Filipinos know each other or are connected. If they aren’t, they’ll find a way! My aunt was actually a teacher in Las Pinas for many years, she ran her school right next to her house! I think it was actually supposed to be a garage/courtyard but they transformed it into a schoolhouse. I’ve met several people who were her students or knew of her school. Other than that, I don’t know how else I would be connected to anyone else in Las Pinas who isn’t family. Oh, by the way I’ve nudged at a few of my cousins to try your brother’s resto!


      • Hold on a sec. Out of curiousity, does your aunt go by the name, Leonilda Sese?

        Aww that is so sweet of you, Shayne! That would be really nice. They should probably introduce themselves as your cousins so we’d know! (Though I’m only there on weekends.)


      • Oh, no! I remember that name. She founded that big school, DLA right? My aunt’s schoolhouse was pretty small and she was the only teacher mostly for underprivileged or neighborhood kids is what I was told. I only ever remember hanging out in her classroom when I was about five or six years old and playing with their class pet, a really angry chihuahua! 8O

        I’m a big foodie so I’ve been bothering them to try the food and tell me about it! I’ll be in the Philippines in December/January and I’ll stop by!


      • SPOT ON! Hahaha! I went there in high school. I transferred from Elizabeth Seton School (an even bigger school) to DLA because my Mom was already teaching there.

        They have a class pet? And it’s a chihuahua? :o

        The place is nothing fancy, but the food is great! Lol not to sound too eager, but I never get tired of Mom’s cooking. She prepares all the food they serve at my brother’s place. :)


      • Haha that dog is probably long gone now! I’d like to think it was a chihuahua and not one of those street dogs that look like chihuahuas but are actually alien dogs with no breed hahaha!

        Filipino moms always cook great food! I love eating food in the Philippines as it should be made, with real Filipino ingredients, not substituted American products for the ingredients we don’t have here. It always tastes good! I love street food too even though my grandma always tells me to be careful about those foods, but there’s something about the way it’s made. She’d always say it’s “madumi” and I’d always say, “Dapat nga!!!” Haha


      • I LOL’d at alien dogs with no breed! That doesn’t sound so pretty to me. Haha!

        I know that for a fact especially when you tweeted the other day about wanting to eat allthesilogs (if there’s even such a word)!

        Exactly! Street food = dirty food = yum! Nothing beats greasy fish balls sold in the streets!

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  2. Aww! I’m sitting here having my coffee and I find this post! You just made my day!! :) Thanks for the love (hehe). I followed the other blogs you mentioned. I’m so happy to get to know a fellow pinay blogger as well. So I have a plan, when you get here and I somehow end up in Cali, I definitely would have to buy you a drink! :P



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