POLL: Indonesia, Thailand, or Vietnam

Earlier this year, Mom was admitted to the hospital due to acute bronchitis brought about by complications with her asthma. It was the longest hospitalization she’s ever been to, and probably the most severe of all. What might have triggered my mother’s chronic asthma attacks could be extreme exposure to animal hair, thick smoke or dust. By process of elimination, we came up with the conclusion that New Year’s Eve was the culprit of Mom’s illness three weeks later. For this reason, Mom has declared that she wants to spend the New Year’s outside the country.

To give you a brief background, celebration of the New Year’s here in the Philippines is far different from all other countries. It’s probably the worst of all because unlike in other parts of the world, we commemorate the coming of the New Year by buying and using firecrackers and fireworks ourselves. Welcoming the New Year is not like how it is done in Sydney nor in Times Square where people just gather in one place, and wait until midnight to watch the city’s fireworks display.

This morning, Dad asked me to do some research on the best tourist destination in Asia that is conducive for family vacation. He wanted us to go back to Singapore, but Mom prefers to go elsewhere we’ve never been to this time. Since we are going as a family of six plus Mom’s youngest sister (side note: I am assuming that my husband and I will be able to join them on this trip, hence the use of we, our, and us), his considerations include no visa, peaceful yet fun (although there’s a lot going on in Thailand lately), a good place for shopping, easy access to the city or nearby cities, and of course, the beach. If it helps, we’re planning to go there during the last week of December to the first week of January. We would like to take advantage of the current off-peak season to avail plain tickets and book accommodations for this trip. With these, I have narrowed down our options to Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. I know Roan and I have been to Thailand for our honeymoon, but Mom’s sister prefer Thai and Vietnamese cuisine over Indonesian (although she’s never been to any of those places before) above all things.

On this note, I am seeking help from my darling readers (and visitors alike) on what you think is the best place to go to given the factors I have cited above. It will also come in handy if you could share some travel guides (on food, accommodation, activities, and places to visit) based on your recommended destination. Please write them in the comments section below (or if you’re too shy to say something others would see, send me a private message here).

Thank you, all, in advance!


10 thoughts on “POLL: Indonesia, Thailand, or Vietnam

  1. Was searching for random stories about bronchitis and landed upon your lovely corner on the internet. I don’t have asthma prior to having been diagnosed so I don’t know how or why, but thinking about what happened to your mom, I think the culprit is the neighbor. Nag-sisiga sila all the time!


    • Hi, Rae! I’m not in the medical field, but that could be the reason of your illness. By the way, she was diagnosed with asthma in her late 40s (if memory serves me right). She didn’t have this when she was a kid which was rather odd.

      Thanks for dropping by!
      P.S. It’s ironic that your name is Rae, and that your blog’s name has “scatterbrain” in it, too. :)


      • Ohhh… Oo nga noh, That didn’t register to me agad because your URL is gorjaeous.

        Anyway, I’m currently 31 so having a lung problem of sorts is very new to me.


      • What a coincidence, right? ;)

        Ah, that is understandable. Her asthma was detected late, but she’s had skin asthma when she was younger, and the doctor told her that it could be one of the manifestations. Her symptoms include constriction of air passage even while eating, so she decided to consult a physician.

        When she was first diagnosed with asthma, she didn’t want to believe it because she didn’t have it when she was younger. She went for second and third opinion, but same diagnosis was given.


  2. I’d say Indonesia! I’m not sure why your mother’s sister prefers Thai and Vietnamese food over Indonesian food since Indonesian cuisine is quite similar to Filipino food! They even have a version of “allthesilogs!!” Hahaha Plus, they call their eggrolls the same thing: lumpia. :) I’ve never been to the country itself but have tried their food and it is top notch! I love gorengan pisang which is like a deep fried banana snack. I also looooove ordering beef or chicken rendang. It tastes like a super spicy mix of adobo and curry all in one savory meal.

    Obviously basing this suggestion mostly on the food I’ve tried from a local restaurant here, but I’ve read that going to Indonesia as a Filipino is quite the experience most especially with seeing and hearing the similarities in language!

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    • I was actually suggesting Bali the first time, but they eventually added Thailand and Vietnam in the options. I’ve heard (and read) so much good things about Ubud and Seminyak, hence the eagerness to go there.

      You really are a certified foodie, Shayne! I don’t know with my Tita. Perhaps because she’s had so much Pad Thai and Pho that she wanted to see what the authentic ones taste like? Indonesia was the last in her list!

      Thank you for your suggestion; we’re on the same page. Haha!


      • I’m a total foodie and just in awe sometimes that I don’t weigh the size of an airplane. I don’t know why I totally forgot about Bali! It’s always been one of those dream destinations. Ubud Palace looks so rich in history and culture, definitely one of those things you have to see at least once. Hopefully your family decides on Indonesia!


      • Consider yourself lucky! Yes, Ubud is like the center of arts and culture in Indonesia according to most resources. My internet connection at home is crappy, so I haven’t researched so much about other parts of Thailand and Vietname (just to be fair).

        I’ll sure let you know whatever prevails!



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