Let the Countdown Begin

You would have guessed what this post is all about. Yes, I’m tendering my resignation today! While the only thing that held me back is having my own paycheck, I couldn’t be any more thrilled by this decision to which both my husband and family agreed. As I’ve mentioned before, being around toxic people is what made me quit my job sooner than I had planned. Everyone knows I will eventually leave, but I had to decide earlier because of all the nonsense happening at work.

Just yesterday, I talked to one of my close colleagues who vented out on all the crap discussed during their meeting with the manager. Who in their right mind would call a team meeting during lunch break? It’s the only time you get to get away from the jungle that is your desk, then your boss calls for a meeting at lunch (it’s not even a lunch meeting) lasting for an hour and a half, and it makes you loathe your job even more.

To commemorate my 30-days notice, I’ve come up with memes from someecards.com that I find both hilarious and fitting:

This is my favorite part of the day (next to going home). It pays that I have crazy friends at work, so they make crappy days bearable.

Of course, this makes it to the top list of things we talk about during lunch break. The nerve of some people to waste an hour or so talking about all the nonsense they could think of. I’m talking to you, miss.

Shout-out to all my friends at work!


Totally relatable. This is why I listen to music from the 90s on Fridays! It makes time fly by without me realizing it until it’s time to go home.

Gotta love early morning work shifts! Ha.

Need I say more?

Here’s to you and all your crappy point-of-views.

Modesty aside, I think I deserved the credit. After all, I didn’t earn it overnight. :-)

I dedicate this to four of the people I hate seeing around the office on a daily basis. You don’t know how ecstatic I am to never see you again.

Because I can.

16 thoughts on “Let the Countdown Begin

    • You’re a fellow Filipina! Always happy to find people like you around the blogosphere, most especially around here in my humble space. :)

      That’s perfectly fine! Everybody starts somewhere at some point. ;)


      • Yes! You have a witty witty mind. Guess I’ll be hanging around your page everyday :) nakoooo, i wish i can be as witty as you. :) will try to write better.


      • Hala! Where did that come from? Truth is, I’ve been havin writer’s block lately, so I’m unable to provide readworthy contents here in a while. Pero, thank you pa rin! Such an honor. :)



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